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Jokraz, level 1 Thief

Tillerz player name Dwarf ancestry Townsmith background good alignment 0 xp
24 age 4'5 height 140 lb weight grey eyes ash blonde hair
description Nullam nec aliquet diam. Phasellus sed ornare augue. Donec vitae justo id nisl interdum mattis. Proin tempus, felis ut fermentum mattis, dolor nisl lobortis justo, vel dignissim sapien orci quis libero. Donec quis congue nunc, vel vehicula ante.   Nullam hendrerit, arcu et facilisis scelerisque, tellus ipsum finibus erat, quis vestibulum libero magna et turpis. Aliquam accumsan ipsum faucibus, aliquet lacus sit amet, posuere dui. Vivamus euismod eleifend cursus. In scelerisque eleifend nibh et rutrum. Proin eu eros risus. Phasellus quis vehicula enim.
Strength +2
Brawn +2
Agility +0
Mettle +2
Craft +5
Insight +5
Wits +3
Resolve +2

Life:11 of 11
Physical Damage Mod:2
Psychic Damage Mod:5
Armour Type:Leather
Armour Points:0 of 3
weapons Die roller for bonus rolls: 1d6

Weapon Att Bonus Damage
Shortsword +4 1d6+2
Dagger +4 1d3+2
Hairpin +1 1d2+2
L Skill Aspects
Animal Handling Ins Wit  
       Controlling Ins+2 Wit+2  
Athletics Bra Agi Met
       Acrobatics Bra+2 Agi+2 Met+2
       Running Bra+2 Agi+2 Met+2
       Swimming Bra+2 Agi+2 Met+2
  Bargain +0
  Deception +0
Decipher Wit    
       Runes Wit+2    
  Entertain +0
  Empathy +0
  Evaluate +0
  Fortitude +0
  Intimidate +0
  Investigation +0
  Melee +0
  Missile Weapon +0
Notice Wit    
  Persuasion +0
  Psychic +0
Ride Agi Ins  
       Long Distance Agi+2 Ins+2  
       Racing Agi+2 Ins+2  
  Stealth +0
  Survival +0
  Throw +0
special abilities Tunnel Sight: Dwarves can see underground as if they were outdoors at twilight. (They see underground as if they were in a Dimly Lit area, as defined in the Game Master’s Guide). Torches and other light sources do not affect this vision.

Rolling Stone: Once per day while you’re underground or in the hills, you can reroll a d6 (that isn’t a Kismet Die) in any test. You can use this ability on yourself or give it to a party member you can see. You gain an additional use per day of this Special Ability every three levels (at 4th level, 7th level, and 10th level). You also have +1 Speed during combat in these locations.
spells Spell Points:5 of 5

Basic Mystic, Common
Costs 1 Spell Point, Full Action
Difficulty (11)

You can receive impressions of the future and use them to sense approaching danger. On a success, you and your allies cannot be fully surprised for a number of hours equal to your character’s Craft (although you can still be partially surprised).

Basic Arcane, Common
Costs 1 Spell Point, Free Action
Difficulty (11)

You can transport yourself a short distance in the blink of an eye. On a success, you instantaneously transport to another location you can see within 100 metres. At the Game Master’s discretion, a failed roll may cause you to fall prone or materialise in a less advantageous position.

Basic Arcane or Nature, Common
Costs 1 Spell Point, Free Action
Difficulty (14)

You can cast aside the weight of time. This allows you or one target you can see to move at increased speed. On a success, the target’s movement speed is doubled for a number of rounds equal to your Craft.
equipment Gold: 4
Item Load
Holy Symbol 0
Vestments 0
Haversack 1
Healer's Kit .5
5 Prayer Candles .5
Prayer Book .5
Bedroll .5
Tinderbox 0
Mess Kit .5
Water Bottle .5
Censer with incense .5
Max load: 10, current load: 4.5
followers Servant
Messenger Pigeon
magic items Healing Potion (1)
notes Character Modifiers:

Aspect Caps: Increase the maximum for Mettle or Insight to 7.
Bonus Skill: Gain the Artisan or Tinker skill.


Hillguard: +1 Brawn. Gain the Intimidate skill. You begin the game with an heirloom weapon that gives +1 damage or +1 to hit (chosen during character creation). You have a +2 bonus to Intimidate bandits or ruffians.

Notice: rolls are 3d6, the third die is the Kismet die, if it rolls 1 (additionally marked with __), the GM gets a Dark Fate point, if it rolls a 6 (additionally marked with **), player gets a Light Fate point. Example rolls: first scores an 11 and gives a Dark Fate Point to the GM: [4, 6]+[1__] = 11, second scores a 10 and gives a Light Fate Point to the player: [2, 2]+[6**] = 10

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