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Dragondung Beetles


Difficult to qualify as an insect, this flesh-eating monster bears a passing resemblence to a scarab, if scarabs grew four feet long. It is frequently found within the feces of dragons, often buliding colonies beneath the earth where dragons are frequently found. The consume anything they can find that wasn't fully digested by the dragon and have evolved to pry open any armors they may find. They are also quite capable diggers.
Motive: Hungers for flesh and soft tissues
Environment: Mountains, places where dragons are found.
11 3 1
The beetle can move immediate distances, but it can progress alarmingly fast by leveraging tunnels created beneath the mounds of poo they burrow through, allowing them to traverse short distances and still attack.
These critters typically defend as level 3 from attacks, but in the safety of dung piles, they are actually treated as level 4.
These beetles attack in groups, often with no fewer than 4-5, and often in the accompaniment of an elder dungbeetle. They will initially avoid conflict, preferring to stay focused on whatever they are consuming, but a character digging into the dung will likely incite these beetles rather quickly (and sharply!)
Scatter a few beetles into any mountains when players are a-dragon hunting to add color and build the perception of an ecosystem. For more fun, hide some in piles of dung that the players know they might find treasure!
They carry no loot, although the brave may be able to dig through the dung and find any treasures the dragon may have eaten and not noticed!
GM Intrusion
Slipped in poo.
  The player has slipped in the dragon dung. That smell may never come off and the all social interactions are hindered for 24 hours.

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