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4-level Transmutation

Ritual - does not require spell slot, takes 10 minutes longer
Casting Time: 1 action (ritual: 1 hour)
Range/Area: Touch
Components: Verbal, Somatic, Material
Materials: A drop of blood from the user, a bit of ash. (Both are consume by the spell)
Duration: Concentration, 1 hour
You touch a creature (Humanoid or Beast) within reach, they must success a Constitution Saving Throw, they have desadvantage if their current Hit Points are below their maximun Hit Points, and they fail if they are unconscious. If they fail, they are transformed into any kind of aberration, monstrocity or beast that the spellcaster knows. It must have a CR and Size equal to the creature, their Inteligence is reduce to 10 and they gain gain the creature's maximun Hit Points until the spell ends. They are under complete control of the spellcaster. They can repeat the Saving Throw when they take damage. If they can use magic or have magic items, it fusion during the transformation and can be used on coman with the same conditions.   The transformation last until the spell ends, the creature's Hit points are reduced to 0, or until the Spellcaster is reduce to 0. When the spell finish, the creature goes back to their normal form, with the same Hit Points as they had before the transformation. They fall unconscious, but stable.   Additionaly, the spellcaster can use this spell on theirselves, causing them to transform into the same kind of creatures, however, they keep their Inteligence. Alternatively, they may have a parcial transformation, gaining a feat of selectoin from a creature (eg., the bite attack from the Giant Wolf Spider with all its benefits) until the spell finish. It can have only one feat at time.
At higher levels: If use with a Higher Spell level Slot, you may transform them into a creature of Higher CR, being CR + 1 for each Spell Slot, incluying yourself.
Available for: Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Druid.

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