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  • Name: Stanley Hunkworth
  • Archetype: Hunter
  • First Truth: A telescopic lens lets you see details clearly from much further away.
  • Second Truth: Darkness makes it harder to see enemies approaching.
  • Description: Short, black hair, long fingers, crooked nose, looks like a walking needle in a shiny black leather coat, striped pants and shiny black leather shoes.


5 Fight
4 Move
4 Study
6 Survive
4 Talk
6 Tinker


0 of 8

Void Points

3 of 3






4 Boldly
5 Carefully
4 Cleverly
4 Forcefully
4 Quietly
4 Swiftly


Sarah Lauderdale from the Dunwall Chronicles, reporter (neutral relationship)


spend the XP
buy a gun


Predator’s patience (hunter Talent): When you hide yourself, and remain stationary, the difficulty for other creatures to detect you is increased by 1. The difficulty increase becomes +2 if you have remained hidden and stationary for lon


4 Archery
5 Streetwise


Three springrazors

Soothing Call: The bonecharm’s voice soothes, restoring your wits and your vitality when facing adversity. You may spend a Void point on your turn to remove up to 2 stress from your stress track.


Far reach (Cost to Use: 1 Void Points, Rune Cost to Learn: 1)
You shoot out a long tendril of shadow, which then grabs onto the target surface and pulls. It can act as a sort of grappling hook that reels you in, and it can also be used to pull objects and other living beings towards you. The tendrils have a limited range of about twenty feet.

Vitality (Rune Cost to Learn: 1)
Your body is fueled by the Void, giving you greater durability and resistance to harm. Your stress track is increased by 2.

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