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World of Aloth

Gauntlet of the Stormcaller

Wondrous Item

Very Rare Requires Attunement

The Gauntlet of the Stormcaller or also known as Stormfist is a magical gauntlet imbued with the powers of a hundred storms. It is said the crystal that channels the lighting was once the heart of the great lighting elemental Ralazā€™zt but when he was defeated his power was channeled into the Stormfist.   Electrified Steel: The gauntlet grants +1 to any unarmed attacks, this increases to +3 while in a thunderstorm.   Lighting Rod: You can use your reaction whenever you are targeted or forced to make a saving throw against a magical effect that deals lightning damage to harness and siphon some of the lightning. Your next weapon or unarmed melee attack deals extra lightning damage equal to half the original damage roll. This ability recharges after 24 hours has passed.   Channel the Storm: While attuned the user can cast the shocking grasp cantrip at will using their strenght score. The weapon also stores 9 charges that can be used to cast the following spells: 1 Charge: Thunderwave 3 Charges: Call lightning 9 charges: Chain Lighting The DC of the spells cast with the gauntlet is 17. The weapon recharges 1d3 charges on a long rest or all charges during a thunderstorm.

Cost: 7500 GP
Weight: 4lb

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Item (2020)