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World of Aloth

Stone of Transportation

Adventuring Gear


This fist-sized light blue stone has the magical property to teleport a creature or an object to a linked place. To use the stone it must first be linked to a specific unoccupied area. To link it the wielder must focus the stone for 10 minutes to the area. When linked the stone can not be linked to another place again. When held the wielder can decide to teleport up to a large creature or object no bigger than a 10 feet cube within 10 feet to the linked area. If the creature is unwilling is must make a charisma saving throw of 15 to resist the effect. An unconscious creature fails the saving throw instantly. On a failure, the creature is teleported. When used the stone shatters into dust, even if a creature succeeds the saving throw the stone is destroyed.

Cost: 500 gold
Weight: 1lbs

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Statblock Type

Item (2020)