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Incubation: Four hours
Potency: 15+
Decay: Day
Scratch: Blistering headache and strong nausea, but no lasting effects.
Light Injury: Sickly worsens by 1. If you do not have the trait, add it to your character. Very debilitating headaches, vertigo and strong nausea for the duration.
Serious Injury: Sickly worsens by 2. If you do not have the trait, add it to your character. Muscle cramps accompanied by debilitating headaches and nausea. Vomiting and heart arrhythmia.
Fatal injury: Following hours of delirium and periodic seizures, the character dies of heart failure.

Arsenic is a classic poison that is commonly used in Kimaran nobility. It's most common to grind the arsenic to a fine powder and add it to food or drink. It's more common to poison food with it, as it leaves a distinct taste in drinks.   Arsenic does not leave the body or break down. All that happens is that if one survives, the body has built up resistance to the poison. It can however cause nasty lingering and permanent effects.

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