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Bio SoulScan Results:

Personal Data
Name Janet Delacruz-Watch
Alias Child of Power
Biological age 20
Chronological Age 39
Appearance Description
Entity Type
IMG Type by Fawfulwaffle
Entity Subtype A
Comprehension Aspect by The MetaverseRPN Team
Entity Subtype B
Nexus Being: Destiny Trio by LegendaryFawfulWaffle
STR ℵ0
PER ℵ0
END ℵ0
CHA ℵ0
INT ℵ0
AGI ℵ0
LUC ℵ0
Ascension Level DIVINUS
Statcap ℵ0
MP ℵ0
HP ℵ0
Max MP ℵ0
Max HP ℵ0
Power Classification DIVINUS
Ascension Keys None
Is soulless?
Offensive Will ℵ0
Defensive Will ℵ0
WQ ℵ0
Melee Dmg(By hand) ℵ0
Accuracy ℵ0
Evasion ℵ0
IQ ℵ0
Max Speed ℵ0
Visual Acuity ℵ0
Aetherius APC 1%
Memorius APC 1%
Willius APC 1%
Pyrus APC 1%
Terrius APC 1%
Aerius APC 1%
Aquius APC 1%
Shadius APC 1%
Helios APC 1%
Materius APC 1%
Realius APC 1%
Gaius APC 1%
Temporius APC 1%
Fatius APC 1%
Protectius APC 1%
Nullius APC 1%
Internius APC 1%
Genesis APC 1%
Revelatious APC 1%
Alchemius APC 1%
Insightius APC 1%
Universius APC 1%
Creatius APC 1%
Destructius APC 1%
Oblivius APC 1%
███████████ ████

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Statblock Type

MRPN 1ed Character Entry