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Reveal Magic
Tier 0 (Cantrip)

Discipline: Tonal Magic
Elements: Audible
Target: self
Duration: special (see below)
Rarity: Common
Trigger: completion of casting
Range: self
Area of Effect: 30' (9m) radius sphere

By producing and maintaining the correct sequence of audible tones, the caster is cause nearby magical items or spell effects to reveal themselves by means of a soft glowing aura. This glow is visible only for as long as the caster continues to emante the necessary audible tones, and is visible to any creature or character that has a line of sight to an affected item or spell effect. If multiple magic sources exist in very close proximity, their auras may overlap and make it difficult to discern precise sources.

During the round in which this spell is cast, the caster cannot make any movement, other than the slow turning in place mentioned above.

Illusions that were designed to conceal their magical nature can only be detected by this spell if the caster is of higher level than the level of the creator of the illusion at the time the illusion was created.

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