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World of Aloth

Crimson Crossbow


Very Rare Requires attunement by a level 10 blood hunter Requires Attunement

Heavy, Loading, Magical, Two-Handed

The Crimson Crossbow is a heavy crossbow modified with both advanced engineering and hemomancy. The crossbow itself is made from ironwood and has no space for decorations but instead is covered in blood runes and inlays to channel hemomancy. The crossbow is also a much higher quality than regular crossbows and it has better range because of it. The crossbow also has a small glass vial which is secured tightly to the side of the crossbow with iron reinforcements. The vial seems to drain blood from its victims, slowly filling the vial.   Crimson Collector. When you activate your crimson rite on the crossbow, you take two additional dice worth of damage, and your hit point maximum is reduced by an amount equal to the number of hit points lost to your crimson rite. You gain an additional hemocraft die on your attacks while crimson rite is active. Additionally when you deal damage with the crossbow while its crimson rite is active, the crossbow drains the victim's blood. The crossbow gains a number of points equal to half the damage dealt with your crimson rite. The crossbow can hold 50 points. Creatures who do not have blood in their bodies can not be drained by the crossbow. Charges remain within the crossbow until used.   Crimson Spending. You can spend the points stored within the crossbow for different effects. The points remain within the crossbow until used. The effects are as following:

  • You can spend 5 points when you hit a creature with a bolt to deal an additional 1d4 necrotic damage. You can spend up to 20 points per attack for a maximum of 4d4 necrotic damage.
  • You can spend 10 points as an action to heal yourself or a creature you can touch for 1d6 + your wisdom modifier.
  • You can spend 25 points to cast the hunter’s mark spell as a bonus action, requiring no concentration. You can only use this ability once per long rest.
  • You can spend 40 points to regain one use of your blood maledict. You can regain up to 2 maledictis per long rest.
  • You can spend 50 points as an action to make the crossbow have a +3 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls instead of a +1. This effect lasts until you take a long rest.

Type Damage Damage Range
Martial Ranged 1d10+1 Piercing 150/600 ft

Cost: 40 000gp
Weight: 20lb

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Item (2020)