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World of Aloth

Echo Ring of the Tiger



Echo rings are unique magical rings only worn and made by the venthirs of Durveina. They look simple in design as they are only a thick silver ring with a symbol on them, often of an animal, but they are still powerful and worth more to venthirs than any amount of gold. The symbol is called an echo and represents the person’s personality or reflects upon something that has happened or will happen. Some say the rings guide their bonded venthir through a hint of mysticism and intelligence, their potential is unknown and some rings have grown to become more powerful with time.   Echo rings can only be attuned to by the venthir who first wore the ring and created the echo. If the venthir perishes or does not wear the ring for a long amount of time, the ring becomes docile and can not be detected as magical. While you are attuned to the ring, it will alert you to certain things by lighting up the echo symbol and giving a slight vibration. The ring lights up when within one mile of another venthir and you know their exact location while within a mile, and it will light up red if the venthir is badly hurt or incapacitated. If a venthir dies, all other echo rings will light up. The ring also warns you of dangers, you have advantage on initiative rolls, you cannot be suprised while you are conscious and the ring awakens you naturally if combat begins while you sleep.   Echo of the Tiger: Those under the tiger echo often have a strong fighting spirit, good instinct and both the strength and willpower to overcome strife. Whenever you score a critical hit with a weapon attack, you can roll one additional weapon damage die when determining the extra damage. Additionally, on your first turn in combat, you gain an additional 10 feet of movement and can take two bonus actions.

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