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How to add pre-existing events to your timelines

Usually, events are created within the timeline (learn how!), but sometimes you want to add events that you have already created before. For example, this will happen if you want the same event to appear in multiple timelines.


If you are already editing the timeline your event appears on, simply edit the event and use the "also appears in" field at the bottom. You can select as many timelines as you want and the event will appear in all of them.


Check the guide to timelines for more information about editing events.


Follow these steps to add an event to more timelines:

  1. Go to the Timelines page from the sidebar.
  2. Click on the "List all events under Standard Timelines" button under the list of timelines.
  3. In the page that will open, edit the event you want to add.
  4. On the right, you will see a "Timelines" drop-down field. Select as many timelines as you want.
  5. Click on "Save changes".

The event will now appear in all timelines you selected.