Tue 19th Nov 2019 11:06

The glowing crystal

by Sylwin Stedrav

It didn't set in that I didn't have a mother until I was 7, it was then that I became curious about my Elven heritage. I started noticing that the adults would treat me differently, and the other children of Pearlthicket wouldn't play with me. Except for Meredith. My father Gareth became frustrated with my incessant questions about my mother, in hindsight I realize it must have been painful to reminisce about the woman he loved. A child doesn't always understand though.
Even as an adult I know almost nothing about her, her name was Caiyra and she died giving birth to me. When I was young I used to close my eyes and try to remember her, part of me feels like I can member that she had long fair hair, pale green eyes and skin that almost glowed in the moonlight. I know it's not true though.
For my 8th Birthday my father gifted to me a pale pink almost translucent crystal. He said it belonged to my mother, it was the only thing he kept of hers as everything else was to painful to look at. He waited until I was old enough to understand it's importance before giving it to me. I had it attached to a silver chain, and now I wear it constantly under my clothes. Sometimes it'll glow in the moonlight, perhaps it means something.
I sometimes wonder if my mother has any family still alive, elves can live for centuries. I feel alone more often than not, perhaps finding my mothers family will help me feel less alone.

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  1. The glowing crystal