Sat 11th Jun 2022 09:14

Rumors Abound

by Livina

Fenreal - Fen left a grenade in a million-dollar machine and it blew up. Fen disguised himself as the president of a planet. Fen stole a Ferrari and crashed it.
Bartrand - One of the drinks he sells can cure any disease. If you can tell him a story he's never heard before, you can drink all night for free in his bar. He once stood on the head of a needle on his fingertip for nine hours without losing balance.
Livina - She once found something so valuable in the depths of the station that she could have bought the whole place but she spaced it instead. Some people insist she had a twin, but when anyone tries to remember details of her past and this twin they can only remember her. She has a secret contact to whom she has been selling her best tech to, rather than selling it to the mob.
Snark - I discovered an ancient civilization. I destroyed an ancient civilization. Was able to send himself back in time from an alternate universe to fix a cataclysmic event and can only go back when he has met certain requirements but he doesn't know what those are.

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  1. Rumors Abound