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Fri 14th Jul 2023 08:05


by Viessa Traleth

Dearest Ven,
How is my favorite daughters-in-law? I hope you are doing well. When I spoke to your spouse last they were quite vague while talking about you and everything else for that matter. I had to pry just to find out if they still have that mechanic job or not. It's like they're hiding something from me.
Speaking of that, I'm sure Yumi has mentioned to you by now about the incident I've had with a fellow called Ratchet. They still continue to be a thorn in our family's side, even causing problems for our newest collaborators. With help from the inside, they were able to plan a raid on the Kovar's. Sure we snuffed it out with minor problems, but the reach they have is concerning to me. I fear that it's only a matter of time until this changeling is able to gather some information that I don't want to come to light.
Before you freak out, I'm not talking about our past relationship. I'll take that to the grave if you care so much about it, although be aware that If that gets out there's not much I can do and is really none of my concern. My daughter knows that I had a different lifestyle a couple years back and wouldn't be surprised that their now wife was once intimate with their mother. If anything they'll be upset at you for not telling them before you dated in the first place but I digress.
What is important to me is that they learn that their sister's death was my fault from me, not some spy desperately searching for secrets they have no business knowing. And since you are the only person I've made aware of this, I'm counting on you to keep this to yourself for a little longer while I figure out how to tell them everything. If you don't comply however, please know that, with a bit of research, I could easily learn how to remove your larynx. So be careful out there sweetheart.
Love, Vie

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