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Mon 19th Apr 2021 08:45

The pressure of being an example.


On one hand, I want to fill this space with clear and concise information on how to easily navigate yet ANOTHER platform and account - but on the other hand, this is the first I've really questioned who I am, how I'm worried I won't hold up against the pressure of being The Example Character. Am I the model character? Should you form yourself after my tone, my interpretations of prompts, my biases? Will I be made an Example of? If everyone is looking at my profile, at my life, at my very essence - flaws are bound to be found. When you're first, there's this pressure to set the right mood, the right level of depth, the right everything...
BUT we're building a world where anyone can be anything! You can be any type of being, doing any type of work, being anytype of someone. So why must I confine myself to my preconcieved notions of what "An Example" SHOULD or MUST be? I want to learn, adapt and grow as a character, inside and out, online and off. So this press I put upon myself - is it making me better, or holding me down?
I want to inform and ease our crew during their difficult journey navigating the beautiful and enriching process of capturing who they are for all to enjoy! Kinda makes the pressure to get things right, self-rewarding in a way, like a weighted blanket tucking you in effortlessly.

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  1. The pressure of being an example.
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