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by Alesana Dwric

I'm going to be upfront. People who work here could probably blow up one corner of the building and I wouldn't fire them. The paperwork is a hassle, and trying to find someone with half-decent skills to move to the middle of nowhere and help run a fledgling guild is an even bigger headache. I appreciate that the founders are spreading the word, but at this point I have to ask the question of whether we're expanding too fast.

That in mind, I have no idea why people are so afraid of reporting things. This brother and sister duo are particularly bad. I have no idea when it happened, but if Thurkear hadn't insisted, strongly, that Cwrryn let him take a look at his bandaged hand, we might have ended up with a one-handed Master of the Forge. Does he have any idea how bad that could make us look? Let's not even talk about the guild's potential liability. They're also my responsibility. I care about their health. Stupidity like this helps no one.


Anyway about that fucking chimney. Wyllea had all of two months to report that shit to me. Here I was, sitting in my office, having already forgotten about that weird earthquake a little while back, thinking that the shaking had been the biggest concern, when the most ungodly sound interrupts my peace. She's lucky I wasn't talking to a potential client at that time or I would have shot someone.


So I come storming out of my office and the first thing I notice when I enter the kitchen is that it's a lot less stuffy than I remember. Oh, don't get me wrong, the chimney had fallen and torn a hole in the wall. It was pretty obvious. But I think my mind was in denial for a few seconds. Now, I'm not a builder or anything, but any self-respecting erinin knows that chimneys don't just give out like that. There would have been signs. So I don't think I can be blamed for getting angry.


Anyway, I'm past that now. Labor alone is probably going to cost us a bit. Paying for materials and delivery is going to just add on to the costs. It's not too big of a deal since the Dominion was at least nice enough to keep the whole banishment shit discreet, and contracts are still coming in, but it's just a totally unnecessary headache that could have been avoided. I don't even want to think about what I would do if that shit had killed someone.

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