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25th of Overlight

To do list (25th of Overlight)

by Lak

[list written down in chicken scrawl on a small notebook that Lak carries with them]

  • Investigate the Kovar-Tuli relationship. It's not the first time something like this comes up and there's something there - not knowing what it is bothers me deeply

  • Keep an eye on Padmini's potential political marriage - Vimal is not to be trusted

  • Wait for Zeke's research to try to infiltrate the air base some other way

  • Overthrow the government. [letters become shakier, like the writer's hand was trembling a little] I'm not losing another home. I fucking refuse to.

  • Wait for Viessa's okay to hunt down her shit stain of an ex

  • [little marking of ink that might indicate someone started and stopped writing this last entry a couple of times before getting the balls to finish] Buy new set of lingerie for Silla's return - ask the workers at Singing Kestrel for store recommendations
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