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A5 J19

Climbing Essay

by Dasani

Why we don't climb in the lab, an essay.
In this essay I will be covering why climbing on the shelving isn't allowed, and what I can do better next time. Climbing isn't allowed because it creates messes, and disturbs people who are trying to work.
And then they'll get cross with you and make you write essays and essays are stupid.
It has been said that "if you need something on the top shelf, you must use a ladder." (because i'm allowed to climb on that i guess?).
Evidence suggests that climbing where one isn't meant to climb causes more accidents (but mostly more essays).
My evidence on the matter is that it just happened and uh.. I don't know if that's enough evidence... I hope I don't have to make a graph.
If I climb on stuff again I'll be banned from the lab and have to sit in our room down the stairs and thats no fun. So I promise I won't. This is a fact based statment and I shouldn't be punished again cause I don't like essays.
In conclusion, I'd like to say that I've really really learned my lesson and would like to play the gameslab now. Also climbing, bad.
Sources: Doctor Clarroy, no climb specialist.

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