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Elara Dwin'annia

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Played by

Astronomer | Gamer | DnD player | Lover of Pugs

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Elara Dwin'annia

High Elf Cleric of Celestian the Star Wanderer.

Skill Proficiencies Perception, Arcana, History, Medicine
Languages Common, Elvish, Sylvan, Celestial
Equipment Chain mail, Quarterstaff, Explorer's Pack, Celestians Pendant, The Wanderer's Guide to Aurora, Feather of Sanctuary
Life Wanderer, Sage - Astronomer


1Elara is patient, and willing to put others first. She likes to sit back in a conversation or argument and listen closely before giving an opinion. She will go out of her way to take care of someone and make sure they are okay. She is reserved but can be bold when there is a passion behind the topic. She's not afraid to speak her mind.


1Exploring, discovery, wonder and wander. Following your own path in life.


1Her desire to experience the world around her drives the passion to wander and search for answers in regard to her deity Celestian. She wants to seek him out once more, and gain answers to questions that consume her mind daily. Exploring the world outside of the city and on her own terms, not her fathers.


1Her personality has its flaws, she is naive to others and the world around her. People have the tendency to take advantage of this trait. She assumes the best of people first and foremost which isn't always the case. Putting others first also means not taking care of or worrying about herself until last. Her interest in wandering the world and experiencing it all can put her in danger. What others would avoid to explore, she is willing to go check it out.

Special Feat(s)
The New ConstellationPatterns come easy to you as if one light always belongs to be drawn to another. Even if you do not have proficiency, you can Aid others to grant them advantage on skill rolls tied to Intelligence or Wisdom. For skill rolls there is one person who rolls. If another person is proficient (and role playing helping) they can Aid for advantage on the roll.
Sat 5th Jan 2019 11:00


by Elara Dwin'annia

It would turn out that those strange creatures are part of something much larger. Earth elemental's in fact. We found this out the hard way today after being put into a trial hearing about our crimes. Quick thinking on our party though, they don't seem to be very smart. We gave them a star pin as payment for our 'crimes'. They accepted and we walked free unscathed.
We've been traveling through this wilderness for a few days now. The warned us of the danger out here, which I understand. However, I cant help but feel comfort as I walk through. In the early mornings, the dew glimmers from the sun. As the day heats up, the fog rises into the air and the sun rays shine through as we walk. Its such a beautiful view that I can't truly put into words. Is this the meaning of wandering? The beauty of exploration?

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  1. Verde
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  2. The Wilderness
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  3. Exploring
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Played by

Astronomer | Gamer | DnD player | Lover of Pugs

Other Characters by IIKosmosII