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Atka Marduk

Chaotic Neutral Mephistopheles Tiefling (Soldier)
Fighter 5
47 / 47 HP

Haughty, unkempt, and passionate, Atka is a youthful spirit who just wants what she wants when she wants it.

Campaign & Party

Played by
Ashe the CPSS
Tue 28th Jun 2022 12:39

Mamnen's Retribution: Death of Kira Jerty

by Atka Marduk

“Yes, I’ve found her, Kira, and you’re not going to like what I’m going to do.”
The elder elf tensed a bit in her seat, fully donned in armor, weapons, and soldier’s attire. They had been training today, Mamnen guessed, and that was her reason for lounging in the heavy-wear. “I’m not going to like it? Why not, Mamnen? You’re here to tell me you’ve found her? Is she not safe? Unwell? Worse?”
“Yes, soon to be, and most definitely in the future.”
“If she is in danger, shouldn’t we do something?” Kira said and stood to square with the tiefling towering over her. She was nervous around him. He had that air of dominance and superiority, he recognized, and not everybody respected that about him–despite his feelings that they should.
“I’m about to do something, but I need your cooperation and help to ensure that I am able to go through with it.”
“Anything for her.”
Mamnen grinned ear-to-ear, as his horns were too small to reflect the pure enjoyment from it. “Good, that’s what I wanted to hear. Tell me, would you agree to have your soul at stake in return for her safety?”
“Uhh,” Kira shivered as it didn’t sound like Mamnen was asking to be curious… “I don’t think so? I don’t know. Is that necessary? Oh, my goodness–! Is she in trouble with that devil?”
“She told you about–” Mamnen’s face twisted, knowing that it was neither here nor there at this point. It still pissed him off. Realizing that it might benefit him in that moment, he forced a softer face and voice-tone. “Actually, yes. She has found herself in quite an alarming situation with a certain devil, and in order to get her square, I have to get willing souls for him.”
“Well, I’d hate to have to take charge and just kill people for them. Why do you think I’m coming to and appealing to you at all? You and I are not friends, or at least I don’t like you much, but I know you and my sister had some kind of friendship and were keen for each other… It makes more sense to ask your permission than it does to kill off randoms for me. I’d have a guilty conscience myself…”
“Did you give up yours?” Kira's voice was hesitant, speaking in a smooth utterance. Mamnen stepped forward and placed a hand on her shoulder.
“What makes you think I also wouldn’t have been a willing participant for my sister, if I could?”
Kira drew in her lower lip, considering herself and what it would mean. Mamnen knew he had her at this point, even though he was toying with her. “Does it…hurt?”
Mamnen sighed, “Oh, in the worst way.”
“I was afraid you’d say that.”
“Especially since I have to do it physically, since I don’t really know a devil magical way to do it. I essentially dig it out of you.”
Kira’s eyes widened as he withdrew his hand. “But… aren’t they ethereal? There’s not a physical place it rests in my body. You make it sound like an organ you’re harvesting–”
“And you know about soul harvesting how now?” Mamnen raised his brow, crossing his arms across the chest. Kira inhaled sharply and gave an honest shrug. Of course she didn’t know. She had her beliefs and that was it. “Take off your armor, please. Let’s get through this.”
Kira paused, “And you swear this is going to help Atka?”
“I swear her fate will be better sealed with this action done, yes.” Mamnen found certain people so easy to work around. He honestly didn’t know why he was getting her permission at all, why he didn’t just gut her without warning and be done. Where was the fun in that? Besides, all of this would funnel well to torment Atka later.
“And I will be okay?” She stripped herself of her outerwear, knowing that the clothes beneath were slightly revealing, but Mamnen wouldn’t be interested. He eyed her figure briefly, finding her slightly attractive for a moment, and then slid his gaze up to meet hers.
“Kira, you will have never felt better being rid of something so susceptible to influence.”
“How’s that?” she asked, confused.
“Right now, Celestia and Baator are fighting for souls. Everyone is a battleground. I take this, your battleground eases and you can be truly free, or so I understand.”
“But the devil is getting it, so I would be helping the Nine Hells?”
“No, you’d be helping Atka. The devil is helping the Nine Hells, I suppose, though… It’s however you want to look at it.” Mamnen stated, trying to sound like a genuine person to disarm her. Kira’s face looked apprehensive still, but held a determination about it. “You love her, don’t you?”
“Of course.”
“Then what’s your issue?”
“My soul is five generations old, and I’m just not keen on releasing it to some devil. Give me a minute alright?” Kira asked exasperated. “You’re certain this is the only means of which we can help her get out of her situation?”
“Not unless you want this devil to start inflicting torture… She’s in quite a vicious spot. Really pissed thes–this devil off.” Mamnen was surprised he almost slipped and referred to himself with his uncle in this situation. Although it was his first time harvesting a soul for Ire, he was certain it did speak to his identity as a devil to do it. That was kind of their nature…
“Let me ask around a bit, actually. I may know some in the Mage’s Guild who–”
Mamnen locked his hand around her wrist, eyes shooting through her gaze sharply. “No. There’s no time for you. Not anymore.”
“Mamnen?” Kira inquired into his new affect curiously, with concern. He began to smell a sense of fear radiating from her, its scent motivating him, beckoning his continuation. Mamnen ripped her arm above his head, forcing her to dangle from her tiptoes. She gasped, eyes wide with shock, and put her hand defensively on his chest, attempting to struggle. Mamnen knew without her armor and weapons, which he had convinced her to strip down from using, she was no match for him. The magic within them that would’ve given her some protection was now cast away on the floor, and she–in all her mortality–was exposed.
“You made a poor choice to love her. It’ll cost you your comfort in the last moments of your life.”
“Mamnen, don’t do this–!”
Mamnen’s eyes closed, impervious to her pleading, and began a long, fulfilling process of dismembering her alive. Kira’s screams, sputters, and twitches were satisfying to him, as he had long detested the elf and her closeness with Atka. It was his first time “dismantling” a mortal body in the same way he dismantled Atka’s sword before he was slain. It felt natural; it felt appropriate.
Kneeling down in his still clean figure and hands–the benefit of controlling matter meant he needn’t ever soil himself with his handiwork–, he lifted a hand above the parts and blood pools. He envisioned that same light from Eblee that Ire had coaxed from her, and sure enough, without much resistance from a live, unwilling body came the light of her soul. He cupped the small light in his hand and eyed it curiously. If Ire drew power from this, someday he may show him how to as well. For now, Mamnen stored it in the small spell-protected pouch Ire had given him for his contract pay-off and stood.
“Fucking Atka.” He muttered and spat on the elf’s remains.

Atka's Journal Ordered oldest to newest

  1. Ire the Carnal Eviscerator (16 years old)
    18 Nov 2021 04:14:50
  2. Lovers in the Dream-state (27 years old)
    18 Nov 2021 04:17:25
  3. A Horrid Nightmare (27 years old)
    18 Nov 2021 04:17:51
  4. They Call Me 'Devil' - Revisited (27 years old)
    18 Nov 2021 04:18:12
  5. Music to the Ear (33 years old)
    18 Nov 2021 04:21:27
  6. Ilanir's Move (33 years old)
    18 Nov 2021 04:21:49
  7. The Reality Letter (33 years old)
    18 Nov 2021 04:22:07
  8. Finding Floon - Take 1.
    23 Jan 2022 05:22:12
  9. Practice for Renaer
    29 Mar 2022 07:03:50
  10. Oh, my lord. Oh, my heart.
    29 Mar 2022 07:04:41
  11. Renaer vs Atka - Take 1
    29 Mar 2022 08:21:51
  12. The Loose Leaf Paper
    01 Apr 2022 07:03:44
  13. Powers for the Tieflings
    04 Apr 2022 07:55:49
  14. Renaer vs Atka - Take 2
    09 Apr 2022 06:26:38
  15. Mammy's Place
    12 Apr 2022 09:04:53
  16. Irk the "right" way
    12 Apr 2022 09:07:02
  17. Visit with the "Family"
    12 Apr 2022 09:08:30
  18. Mamnen Alone
    12 Apr 2022 09:09:59
  19. Return to the Mission
    13 Apr 2022 03:33:55
  20. The Last Breath (far future...or is it?)
    13 Apr 2022 07:14:24
  21. The Request Heard 'Round the World
    14 Apr 2022 01:30:33
  22. Session 6: Cleaning house/Coming clean
    17 Apr 2022 02:32:25
  23. Mamnen's Research
    20 Apr 2022 01:41:50
  24. A Friendly Visit
    20 Apr 2022 01:42:17
  25. Homage to Atka
    21 Apr 2022 03:03:05
  26. Mamnen's Visitor
    21 Apr 2022 05:25:16
  27. Severed Connection
    21 Apr 2022 11:28:57
  28. Insatiable Greed
    22 Apr 2022 12:55:55
  29. Silver-Tongued Tiefling
    22 Apr 2022 03:22:48
  30. Bootlicking #1: Self-Awareness Focus
    22 Apr 2022 06:41:37
  31. Influence Attempt: Appeal to Talents
    23 Apr 2022 02:56:25
  32. A Fitting End
    23 Apr 2022 06:03:50
  33. Loss of Vereella
    23 Apr 2022 07:06:20
  34. Bootlicking #2: Might Focus
    23 Apr 2022 08:32:04
  35. A New Pastime
    23 Apr 2022 09:40:40
  36. Influence Attempt: Threat (Bonds)
    23 Apr 2022 11:36:39
  37. Bootlicking #3: Ingenuity Focus
    24 Apr 2022 01:06:04
  38. Influence Attempt: Threat (Life)
    24 Apr 2022 01:39:15
  39. Ire's Ire: Mamnen Alive
    25 Apr 2022 08:46:48
  40. Session 7: To reconcile self or him?
    17 May 2022 10:28:27
  41. Session 8: What am I doing?
    28 Jun 2022 12:00:32
  42. Influence Attempt #4: Threat (Mamnen’s Retribution Begins)
    28 Jun 2022 12:32:12
  43. Mamnen's Retribution: Death of Kira Jerty
    28 Jun 2022 12:39:10

The major events and journals in Atka's history, from the beginning to today.

Miscellaneous Letter (undated)

There’s an urgency that I’m feeling for the first time. I just have to wonder something as I lie here alone about to dream again: do we dream about each other at the same time? This may be the only way that I can truly talk to you. I had a dream last ...

10:37 pm - 14.11.2021

Miscellaneous Letter (undated)

Those things you whisper in my ear between our assignments, I'm burning my clothes up! I know we're up to something, but we're not at the same time. And I'm okay with that. You've got your reasons...and I've got mine. You looked so sad when I brought h...

10:39 pm - 14.11.2021

Miscellaneous Letter (undated)

You say you see everything under me. You’re the one whose color’s gone from vivid to gray—and that’s near my natural color! Watch me start a fire in the middle of your shadiness. I’m pissed just truly off this time. I will sort things out FO...

10:41 pm - 14.11.2021

Music to the Ear

Atka had always walked to her own beat, not really rhythmic or even aware of a pattern. She was graceful enough, sure; she could balance her way across a log fallen over a river or work her way through an emotional crisis between two parties (so long as ...

01:27 am - 17.11.2021

Accidentally Caught

Atka strolled down the streets of Waterdeep looking for something, anything that would suit her sweets craving. Why did they make the roads so difficult to navigate? There should be a fruit stand by the library, she thought bitterly. She hated and loved b...

01:36 am - 17.11.2021

A Horrid Nightmare

Atka was asleep in her bed after the festivities of another mission accomplished. She knew that her true mission was still a bust, yet she could feel she was getting closer. Would he appreciate her more if she accomplished it? Would it break the anhedoni...

01:37 am - 17.11.2021

Finding Sarissa

Atka was “ripening” into a beautiful 27ish year old tiefling, Kira the five-generational elf by her side always. They had been marching covertly (in the dead of night) for some time, and her benefactor hadn’t told her what she was doing there yet. H...

01:40 am - 17.11.2021

Lovers in the Dream-state

Atka and him. They were back in the room that was so incredibly powerful for her work. Yet, tonight, he hadn’t called her there for work. There was business to attend to, and she knew she needed to take control this time. “Where did you come fro...

01:42 am - 17.11.2021

They Call Me 'Devil' - Revisited

Atka stood stiff. Whatever was going to happen to the party was going to happen in the blink of an eye, and she knew she had to act fast if she was not going to fight in front of the nobles. They knew her. They knew she “couldn’t.” They’d tell him...

01:44 am - 17.11.2021

Call Me "Ideal"

“Call me Ideal. That is how I want to be known. My real name isn’t of consequence, as it doesn’t serve me. It doesn’t serve the unit. Oh? The unit? I’m a soldier, though I was a mercenary for a while. I’m not really interested in getting in...

04:02 am - 17.11.2021

Atka Marduk: A Brief History

“And down, and over, and arch, and over, and over, and lean!” Atka was grinning horn-to-horn as her brother Mamnen’s sword guided her in the dance of defense and offense. They had been practicing for years, yet he still said the directions she ...

04:06 am - 17.11.2021

On the Road to Waterdeep

Mamnen sighed loudly. “Are you going to stop at every opportunity to smell a flower?” “Ts! That’s not what I’m doing. I’m looking for—Ooh! Found it!” Atka squealed happily and plucked a small white, peony-looking flower and shoved the ...

04:11 am - 17.11.2021

Ire the Carnal Eviscerator

Ire the Carnal Eviscerator This journal details the account and research done by Mamnen Marduk, son of Amnon and Jone Marduk, Moon-brother to Atka and older brother to Vereella. In it I hope to discover what I can about the missing and devil family to...

04:15 am - 17.11.2021

The Ring Master

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” exclaimed an overly excited tiefling. Atka had been wondering the main street as the sun was setting for close to an hour, and the street once bustling was actually quite bare now. She found one person walking, a bla...

04:24 am - 17.11.2021

The Ring Master's Obstacles

After the Ring Master ascended and disappeared up the left stairs, Atka looked around the lounge she was in. She didn’t know the obstacles, but she wasn’t going to be unprepared. She lifted one of the blankets off the back of the couch she was on and ...

04:32 am - 17.11.2021

The Ring of Dex

Atka Marduk sat in preparation chamber that she was ushered quickly to after her participation and loss in the obstacles. The room she was in was damp, which she didn’t really like. It reminded her of wet days growing up where she was stuck inside. She...

04:34 am - 17.11.2021

Ilanir's Move

Stop pretending you’re shy; just go dance, Atka thought to herself. Since meeting Ilanir and discovering the music scene, she had been seeking out every performance she could in the taverns around Waterdeep. None were quite as captivating—the liquor i...

07:44 pm - 17.11.2021

The Reality Letter

Atka sat at the table in Ilanir’s small cottage, staring at the letter in her hand. Somehow, he’d found her. Here. He had known somehow, or maybe not that she’d be here with Ilanir, but that she would not be doing the mission. Late on her shopping v...

03:43 am - 18.11.2021

Fighting Styles - (33 years old)

Atka tossed her hair back over her head and horns, as well as throwing her shield onto her back over her pack and squaring off with her opponent. She gripped her great sword with both hands and bent her knees, toes of her front foot wiggling a bit in her ...

04:28 pm - 18.11.2021

Finding Floon - Take 1.

It all started with a quick visit to the Skewered Dragon (where Volo said he and Floon went). Illidrex knew where it was, so we knew where to go. However, as we approached, a large crowd was surrounding the place. Angus and I were able to see over the gua...

05:22 pm - 23.01.2022

Practice for Rainar

Atka stared at herself in the mirror of her vanity at the Yawning Portal. She ran through all the things she wanted to say to that incompetent, arrogant, something-something BOY. Speaking aloud into the darkness, she hushedly hissed, “I’ve been emp...

05:33 pm - 24.02.2022

Oh, my lord. Oh, my heart.

I snapped awake as I felt an object pelt the back of my head. Not cognizant of my own horns in that between asleep and awake state, I could feel the perpetrator beside me leap back out of the way of a prick. “How do you sleep like that?” he asked,...

06:41 pm - 29.03.2022

Renaer vs Atka - Take 1

Fuck Willard, I thought bitterly as I began to march from the property I had been raised at since I was 14 years old. Willard shouldn’t talk that way to a guard anyway–isn’t that above his status or pay grade or something? I was all huffed up. And r...

08:21 pm - 29.03.2022

The Loose Leaf Paper

Atka swung her legs over the rocky hillside overlooking a cloudy, cantankerous sea. The journal from her brother lay softly on her legs open to a page with all the names Ire the Carnal Eviscerator could possibly go by. She placed one hand on the open book...

06:12 pm - 01.04.2022

Powers for the Tieflings

“I said, Atka, STOP!” Atka suddenly felt herself being unable to move, mid-run. Her eyes were stuck, her body rigid, but instead of crashing to the ground, she just hung midair. Without warning combined with haste, she was thrust back the way she c...

07:55 pm - 04.04.2022

Renaer vs Atka - Take 2

I dragged myself back into the Yawning Portal late that night. Mamnen was clearly losing it and gaining something significant at the same time. I had a terrible feeling I was going to have to fight him, subdue him, or worse... My feelings are usually not ...

06:26 am - 09.04.2022

Mammy's Place

The shop was small, yes, but it bore an extravagantly crafted wooden sign hanging over the door: “Mammy’s Place” written across it with a pair of hands cupping the form of a handaxe. “You run your own place now?” “Yes,” he confirmed and r...

09:04 pm - 12.04.2022

Irk the "right" way

“Before we do this, I need to change. You did a number on my clothes today,” he added, standing up. “Come to my place. We can eat with Vereella and collaborate on what we’ve discovered since last we talked.” “I could use a cloak myself,”...

09:07 pm - 12.04.2022

Visit with the "Family"

The apartment hadn’t changed much since the last time she’d been there. Except the colors. It seemed the artist Vereella (their younger sibling) had sproused the place up somewhat. Lots of abstract paintings, sculptures, and knickknacks. Was it impres...

09:08 pm - 12.04.2022

Mamnen Alone

Vereella had done a poor job of making this shirt, he noted as he adjusted it over his shoulder for the fourth time since starting on his way to the library. The neighborhood was still bustling over the rumor that there was a tiefling participant in the R...

09:09 pm - 12.04.2022

Return to the Mission

Atka stormed down the streets and corridors of Waterdeep, heading straight for her “homebase” of the Yawning Portal. She was cold. She was hungry. She was livid. Mamnen had really messed up the last few days. Damn him. He was frightening; he was power...

03:26 am - 13.04.2022

The Last Breath (far future...or is it?)

Atka exhaled deeply, focused on her brother. She knew it was frustrating him that the mantle she had found, borrowed from Sadachbia’s knowledge of magic protection, prevented him from using his magic on her. Mamnen wouldn’t be able to just freeze her ...

07:14 pm - 13.04.2022

The Request Heard 'Round the World

Atka bounced her leg in the small room, wondering if he’d actually show up. Her anxiety told her that he wouldn’t, but he had always come through for her when she needed him. Knowing that Nomad would surely come logically, yet doubting it anxiously, w...

01:30 pm - 14.04.2022

Session 6: Cleaning house/Coming clean

A lot had happened, Atka realized after Illidrex was led off by the guard, Saith and Barnabus (the detectives)... Angus seemed to move everybody along and started cleaning up the place. Atka couldn't get the memory of Lif Calloway's poltergeist's messages...

02:32 pm - 17.04.2022

Mamnen's Research

Mamnen, being over twenty and employed in a specialty now, found himself more confident than ever in researching his mother Jone’s disappearance again. It was likely the only way he’d see his sister again, he knew, since he knew he went looking for he...

01:41 pm - 20.04.2022

A Friendly Visit

Mamnen unlocked and opened his apartment door, shutting it behind him and grumpily walking to the kitchen to make himself a plate of something to eat. He heard voices coming from Vereella’s room and assumed that she must have someone over. Not really in...

01:42 pm - 20.04.2022

Homage to Atka

Homage to Atka It took almost three hours before Mamnen “came to” after the tense, angry blackout after Atka left his apartment to find the Ring Master. Once he did though, full of regret and despair, he charged out in the darkness and searched the...

03:02 am - 21.04.2022

Mamnen's Visitor

Mamnen's heart was in his throat thumping away for the second time that day, except this time he wasn’t staring into the face of an angel that could end him without heed. No, this time he stared into the face of a tall, lanky red-skinned devil with thic...

05:25 am - 21.04.2022

Severed Connection

Atka rolled over on her spot on the ground in the designated outdoor sleeping area. She liked to sleep outside, “under the shiny star” as she called it. She couldn’t lie on her stomach tonight for some reason. The discomfort was too great to handle....

11:28 pm - 21.04.2022

Insatiable Greed

“It was not curiosity that killed the goose who laid the golden egg, but an insatiable greed that devoured common sense.” - EA Bucchianeri Mamnen stood in the wake of Ire’s visit, now gloved, and suddenly remembered trapping Vereella in the back...

12:55 am - 22.04.2022

Silver-Tongued Tiefling

“I’m just an anxious brother. I can’t help it if I need to know where you are at all times,” Mamnen stated and eyed the back of his hand with a unique boredom that only he could embody. Vereella rolled her eyes at him. “I’m not six anymore,...

03:22 pm - 22.04.2022

Bootlicking #1: Self-Awareness Focus

Mamnen was unnerved at first by the weekly pop-ins from Ire Mennith to just gain a sense of how the flame was burning. It didn’t take long–maybe a few months–until he began to anticipate them. The more time he spent at the library researching the ou...

06:41 pm - 22.04.2022

Influence Attempt: Appeal to Talents

Mamnen shifted uncomfortably on his bed, room of course locked as he knew Vereella could burst in at any moment. He really wasn’t sure how he was supposed to do this… Ire had just told him to do it, and while disappointing him was not really a concern...

02:56 pm - 23.04.2022

A Fitting End

“Mammy, I can’t believe you threatened her!” Vereella exclaimed. “She just came back to us, and you’ve driven her away again, probably for good!” “I did not threaten her, Vereella. I was trying to warn her what would happen if she contin...

06:03 pm - 23.04.2022

Loss of Vereella

Atka rolled her shoulders and yawned, wishing she didn’t feel so stressed still. Rescuing Floon and Renaer, seeing and leaving her siblings, and not hearing back from Lord Dagult yet were wearing on her psyche more than the battles in the sewers. Inhale...

07:06 pm - 23.04.2022

Bootlicking #2: Might Focus

“Well, Mamnen, you have been quite busy, haven’t you?” “No more than usual, uncle,” Mamnen shrugged, less than impressed with Ire’s surprising appearance in his apartment. Ire’s laugh did snap the young tiefling apprentice and quarter-nep...

08:32 pm - 23.04.2022

A New Pastime

Mamnen tossed a few more purses into the back room of Mammy’s Place and shut and locked the door, so anyone entering the shop couldn’t find his stash of riches. He expected Ire any minute of any day now to teach him the new skill, although he had to a...

09:40 pm - 23.04.2022

Influence Attempt: Threat (Bonds)

Atka stared at the ceiling of her room in the Yawning Portal while lying on the small mattress and sighed, still hopelessly sad about Vereella. It had been days, and the only things that perked Atka up about it were in the pit fighting ring, in the mug of...

11:36 pm - 23.04.2022

Bootlicking #3: Ingenuity Focus

Mamnen trailed a finger in a circle boredly on the first naked woman’s back as she kissed down his bare chest and abs. The second made quick work “cleaning” the insides of his ear with her moistened, soft tongue. Both were enraptured by him, but it ...

01:06 am - 24.04.2022

Influence Attempt: Threat (Life)

Atka was sitting cross-legged on her bed and waiting. She was not meditating, but she was most certainly aware of her surroundings. He was here now. He felt his presence. “Hello, brother,” she stated. “You heard me? How?” “I know I’m dr...

01:39 am - 24.04.2022

Ire's Ire: Mamnen Alive

Mamnen gasped and sputtered, eyes wide and drinking in a bright blue sky above him, evident that he was back on Faerun. He ran his hands wildly across his chest, gasping audibly instead of breathing–breath not catching because of his obvious panic–and...

08:46 am - 25.04.2022

Session 7: To reconcile self or him?

Atka flipped through the journal briefly as she nervously waited for the message to come back from the Mage's Guild. She thought about what Nomad had said to her about not wanting to involve her in his battles, which is why he wouldn't show his face to he...

10:28 am - 17.05.2022

Session 8: What am I doing?

There was an explosion outside our new tavern and "home." I raced out among the rest of the party, and my eyes fell shocked to the scorched red hair of the boy whose father I, there isn't time for sentiment! I raced to Renaer Neverember, on...

12:00 am - 28.06.2022

Influence Attempt #4: Threat (Mamnen’s Retribution Begins)

Influence Attempt #4: Threat (Mamnen’s Retribution Begins) Atka sighed, lying under the pretty star again outside of the Yawning Portal, feeling free for the first time in a long while. A smile graced her purply face softly as she knew that somewhere...

12:32 am - 28.06.2022

Mamnen's Retribution: Death of Kira Jerty

“Yes, I’ve found her, Kira, and you’re not going to like what I’m going to do.” The elder elf tensed a bit in her seat, fully donned in armor, weapons, and soldier’s attire. They had been training today, Mamnen guessed, and that was her rea...

12:39 am - 28.06.2022

The list of amazing people following the adventures of Atka.

Played by
Ashe the CPSS