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Session 2

Bowling against Liquid Nitrogen

by Wyssn

After fighting off the wolf pack we built a campfire to dry off -nothing too formal, but enough so that we weren't shivering. heat never felt so welcome or stayed so briefly. Small bluish-grey blobs with long extended snouts shot a water-like substance at us, extinguishing our fire. I wasn't sure if they were mischievous or malicious. As we deliberated, we noticed shifting snow-tunnels all around; from which these twerps jumped and sprayed.
It should come to no one's surprise that Vaukahna lost her patience first. She swung at them, which is how we discovered that, though fragile, they explode upon death. Pretty soon Vaukahna and Eldrid were both covered in this ooze and frozen in place. Outnumbered 15 to 3, I did the only thing I coud think of. I unhooked the cart and pushed it the hill into a small cohort, instantly killing three of them. I dragged Otbert Mugwort, an unconscious halfling we saved rom the wolf pack earlier that day. behind the other cart .Vaukahna and Eldrid were able to free themselves from the ice and together we were able to scare off the remaining yet-unnamed creatures.
Worn from the wolf attack, uncertain of what else might be lurking in the snow banks, and concerned for Mugwort's condition, we built and igloo and waited out the rest of the day. I expect we will camp here until morning.

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Bowling against Liquid Nitrogen

Today I went bowling against nliquid nitrogen QBERTS and won....

10:58 pm - 03.07.2022

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