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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game
In the world of Daeg

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Scheduled Sessions

Sat 27th December 2025 5:00

One-shot: Into Hellia

Tragedy! A Rerish house-lord's daughter is missing. Last seen on the border of the darken and sullied Hellia forest in Rerya's western border. You are tasked to go inside against all the danger therein in order to bring the little girl back home.

Sat 27th December 2025 5:00

One-shot: Up the Lauf

Adjudicator Danyel Iaun needs to go upriver to judge a case. The stern, old man who wears black, pilgrim attire hires you to protect him on the way upriver. Unfortunately, the small island in the Lauf is surrounded on all but the downriver side by impassable rapids. You must negotiate the powerful Lauf to see justice done.

Tue 7th January 2020 22:00

Session: Onward to Canstin

The crispy bacon and hash Ferdinand makes hopefully stave off the cold long enough for you to make it through Tempest Mountain. The storm clouds are calming, still cloudy, but a dense fog can be felt rising ahead. What holds in store for you on the last half of the trek?

Tue 17th December 2019 22:00

Session: Canse Tumbleweed

Tue 26th November 2019 21:30

The Climb up Tempest Mountain

The climb up Tempest Mountain will not be an easy journey. The winter wolves are secluded to their forest, but with a howling winter approaching perhaps they will be hungry? Then there's the mysterious cloud giant pet that escaped, what is it and can it be sent home? A ranger can guide them through the pass, but what treacherous dealing await therein? Histories speak of a magical dead spot found southeast of the mountain. If they chose that way, surely nothing could occur while traveling in that wasteland...

Tue 12th November 2019 21:30

Waiting the Storm

A time for the party to sit and wait or go explore anything, or talk to NPCs.

Lore & Supporting Cast

Supporting Cast
  • Gelny Hammerhand
    A tawny-skinned, black-haired, chocolate-eyed dwarf smith from the nearby village of Elmgrove. Struck out rich with merchant business that's hitting hard times. Has no tongue in ritual with cult.
  • Kelper Heroseeker
    Dull brown eyes, short hair, and dark skin adorn this half-elf. He likes the attention and fancies himself a bard. He hails from Dalth'it's surrounding farming hamlets and went to be an adventurer and bard.
  • Priscilla Doupler
    A pretty, cunning lass of about twenty, Priscilla likes to keep to herself but not afraid to talk. She knows something arcane and fingers the tomes on the table longingly.
  • Last/Lost Oracle of Diomite Horde Starpath
    Stoic but kind lion-maned centaur from the Diomite Horde that last passed through hundreds of years ago. He became lost in the march and is, as far as he knows, the last of the Dimoite Horde. A prophesier, he spends his days reading bones and runes and other foretelling things.
  • Tilda Branch
    A young adult with dark skin, a bald head, green eyes, and a quiet disposition. She's from Breadbasket and was taken when she found a black sword in the fields. The orcs sprung upon her and carried her bound back to the cave.
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