Kuo Toa Temple Report

General Summary

Aiden has a dream from the Lich King: go to the Temple of Zulobzulobdop and to talk to the goblin Biscuits.

Day is Heaven. 3561 and Silverzilla went to Arcadia. They met a paladin and a celestial warthog. 3561 com-syncs with the paladin, Sir Adhemar the Brave. Aiden and Gobby go into the Magister's Enclave. They meet with Hermenczil Staheli, a high level warlock. Aiden makes an alliance with him. He has a half-orc, Macartack and a drow, Nyphistra working with him.

A nothic working with the kuo toa monitor Goburgobur sees Aiden and just knows. It invites them down to speak to G.

They negotiate with Goburgobur to remove the mask from the temple to restore the worship of Blibdoolpoolp. They try to sneak past a kuo-toa whip and 3 guards and fail horribly. They fight and defeat them.

They are at a spawning pool with a water weird in it. They successfully sneak by the water weird.

They bluff their way into the ceremony hall with the mask. They attack, but the monitor uses a potion of fire breath on them. They eventually defeat them and Aiden gets a peregrine mask.

Rewards Granted

It's a sentient Peregrine Mask. Int 9, Wis16, Cha 10. Communicates with emotion. Hearing and normal vision out to 120'. LE. Seeks its creator.

The nothic offers its service to the party.

BTS in the Zone


Report Date
02 Aug 2020

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