Faerie Market & Ettercaps Report

General Summary

Faerie market Shop Inventory


Chimera Mane 3 Pegasus Hair 28 Unicorn Hair 28 Angel Feather 39 Pegasus Hoof 99 Kraken Slime 72 Demonic Fire 67 Dragon Claw 204 Arachne's Venom 222 Dragon Egg 210 Cerberus' Collar 194

Aiden pays the shopkeeper for information about exotic eggs. He tells them about ettercaps that may have giant owl eggs.

They fight the ettercap and 4 giant wolf spiders, defeating them and freeing the 4 fairy dragons and the adult. They get a charm of heroism and a charm of darkvision.

Rewards Granted

Charm of Heroism

Charm of Darkvision

BTS in the Zone


Report Date
01 Aug 2020

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