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Heir of Blood

A Legend of the Five Rings 5th Edition game In the world of Emerald Chronicles
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Two years ago disaster struck the Falcon Clan. Their numbers decimated, and no longer able to keep up the spirit lanterns that guide the dead to meido, the Valley of Spirits has become a haunted place of power to Gaki-do, and other realms. Stories of dreaded maho tsukai fill the villages, and ancient, long forgotten artifacts are beginning to be unearthed from the Shinomen Mori.   Based out of Higashino Shiro no Kao, Kuni Rohaku leads a small group of Samurai to seek out these relics before they fall into the hands of corrupted blood speakers.   But enemies are not always the ones you see before you, as a tangled web of politics and deceit has begun to be spun within the walls of the diplomatic capitol of the Crab Clan.

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Sun 11th April 2021 19:00

Heir of Blood Episode 1: Second Chances