Episode 20: Eleusis

General Summary


  After the main combatants are killed, Ianthe and Otlyn run to the captive Phlios. As they untie them, Phlios stabs Ianthe in the back with a poisoned dagger (a combination of Crawler Mucas and a highly refined dose of Distallate of Nightmare) and attempts to run using a special ability. The group is able to corral the assassin, who upon taking damage, is revealed to be a hobgoblin iron shadow. The group kills the iron shadow and rushes to Ianthe's aid. Magnus casts Lesser Restoration, which addressed the Crawler Mucas and the initial effects of the Distallate of Nightmare.   Ianthe, however, will suffer 14 (4d6) psychic damage to their central nervous systems after awakening, and if she fails a DC18 constitution check will be left comatose for 12+2d6 hours. She suffers long-term paranoia that will require a greater restoration or wish spell to cure.

Rewards Granted


Otlyn Venúék

Report Date
18 Oct 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Froúrio nisí

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