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Dragon Borne World War

A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game In the world of west continent
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  • center north west
    made by cart grapher the legendary (or not so much) map maker
  • Riker overworld
    the area surronding Riker
  • Riker
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Sessions Archive

29th Nov 2019

The aftermath.

After the battle the town of wetlog is not doing so good. spirits are low and blame is being shifted around. The party must decide their next action, should it be to seek revenge for their fallen comrade? or is it more prudent to distance themselves from the confilct all together.

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16th Nov 2019


The town of wet log is in an uproar. between a pair of uni bomber and a Dragonborn assult, the local peacekeeping force is in for a world of hurt. will the split party be able to hold it's own? or will more big bipedal lizards burgle their bling?

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15th Nov 2019

Down time?

after a long journey, our party gets a break in town. enough time to spend their money and have a good time. Is their next step is theirs to decide or are larger forces at work?

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8th Nov 2019

The wind Shrine part 2!

don't wory there is no part 1. the party faces a huge gap as their old foe (hights) bares it's fangs and challenges them once more. Can they retrive the gem and then break through the formation to activate their rings? or will they choose to seek another location in atempt to circumvent an army of small angry lizards.

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1st Nov 2019

How will they get out of the mines!

The players have found themselves trapped in the mines around Riker after killing the local goblin acting as the government for a small army of kobolds! how will they get out?

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31st Oct 2019



The Protagonists

Zamora Painhell

Level 3 Tiefling CN Wizard
(Secret ID )
/ 15 HP