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Act 2 - Session 4 - In Albaria Report

General Summary

As the crew go downstairs following their nights rest, they see that the bar has eight patrons dressed in long grey hooded cloaks.   One holds a slender dagger to the throat of Gourti from behind. The Two Halflings, Holmo and Amer are sat at a table and two of the figures are pointing crossbows at them.   One of the figures steps forward and explains that he has been sent by the King to collect them as they have something he wants.   If they don't come with them, then not only will these people die but more will come after them.   After a tense stand off, the heroes go with the greycloaks to the underground lair of the King in Yellow.   The King asked them politely to hand over the artifact and promises them reward. They refuse so the king orders the Greycloaks, revealed to be Wererats, to attack. After all the rats are dead, the King turns to smoke, 3 giant snakes are summoned, each with the face of one of the heroes.   After the snakes die, the bodies disintegrate, leaving a perfect copy of each of the heroes.   The doppelgangers appear to be the real thing, they know things they wouldn't be able to and remember touching the artifact but then have been in darkness for years.

Character(s) interacted with

Spoke at length with the The King in Yellow

After The Last War
Report Date
26 Aug 2019
Primary Location

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