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A Dungeons & Dragons 5e game
In the world of Kealladius

This story is told by

Tasked with clearing out the seedy atmosphere of Romci. This party also commands the ship Sea Bitch's Farewell which is captained by Brandae.

The Protagonists
Sailor Ocean Fox
Level 5 Human NG Fighter
(Northland Seafarer)
/ 42 HP
Christopher Von Blackwater
Joyful Drool
Level 4 Tabaxi Chaotic Good Monk (Way of the Drunken Master)
/ 32 HP
Level 4 Tiefling Neutral Monk (Way of the Kensei)
/ 31 HP

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Lore & Supporting Cast

Supporting Cast
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  • Map of Continent of Kraztenzia

    The continent of Kraztenzia and all the kingdom boundaries.

  • Map of Kadriel
  • Map of Kraztenzia geographical map

    The geographical map of Kraztenzia.