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Book II - Chapter II : The Traveler out of Time Report

General Summary

Previously in the Dragon's Delve: The party regrouped after a long separation and ventured, with Sam's blessing, into the jungle to find a path to the 7th level. Along the way, they discovered a lake full of iguana-like lizardfolk and Theo was almost made into a plant's snack. Discovering a cave with a curious individual, the party had to scurry to keep Theo from dying as he unleashed a cloud of vapors that robbed him of his breath. The stranger left, but not before the party had saved Theo by using quick thinking and gunpowder.
  As soon as the dark portal closed behind the mysterious musician, Red and Inori went about thrashing the remains of the violin, dousing it in oil, and warming themselves by it's dull flames. Ragusk made his way out of the cave followed in tow by Theo, both of them aiming to find the creature and reduce the amount of chances Theo had at opening unknown magical scroll cases. While walking along the bottom of the ridge of waterfalls, Theo spotted a set of lights along the jungle edge and determined that they weren't alone. Staying clear of this, they moved until they found a cave similar in make to the last one.
  The three paths that were laid out before them presented an opportunity to explore. Putting his ear to the ground, Theo thought he heard faint scratching on the left path that was mostly drowned out by the torrent from the waterfall. Considering this could be the beast they sought, they continued on the leftmost path.
  Entering into the room, the two found a mossy lump that seemed to move slightly. After setting it ablaze, the burnt moss fell away to reveal a rock with shell like eyes engraved over it's surface. The eyes produced fantastically colored lasers which where dodged by Ragusk as blow after blow chipped away at it's carapace. After reducing the creature to dust, Theo recalled similar looking devices used in Lamorak's Collegium schools that were nicknamed Watchereyes, capable of tracing, identifying, and warding off intruders although this one seemed vastly older and by comparison mutated due to it's more natural material makeup. As the two began to leave, a small beam nearly sliced Theo's nose off, revealing that the ceiling of this room was filled with multitudes of these warped Watchereyes. Running back, Ragusk deftly dodged and even pulled Theo to safety as three beams would have made mincemeat of the young mage. They then took the next path to the right and entered a long hallway of humanoid design.
  Going down the long hall, they were surrounded on both sides by a long mural that passed their interest as they came upon a dais with an etched warning. Ignoring that, they froze the locked door and smashed their way through. Opening to a circular room, a ball of ferro-fluid looking material hung suspended in the air. It's surface bore faces in various emotions and each one had the look of veins or vines hardened and bleached over time. Upon firing a few "warning" shots, the thing began conversing with the two, offering a way down to the next level. Not falling for provocation, a fight commenced with the creature that splayed it's matter across the room, making the surface slick and reducing viability. As they broke the masks, a mask that did not seem to be finished of a bird spewed out an aarakocra covered in the tar like bile. The creature's final attack spun small, metallic needles around the room which the two of them dodged easily. Theo and Ragusk fought until the creature was on it's last mask. It used the needles it had dispersed and magnetized it to the liquid that stained their clothes. Ragusk, attempting a plane shift, ebbed his way out of the path the needles flew in, but Theo wasn't as lucky. As the final mask broke due to the strain and much to the creatures surprise, it faded without another treacherous word. Tending to Theo and the¬†aarakocra, Ragusk set up camp and learned that the¬†aarakocra's name was Coro'vus and that he couldn't speak common, but an older form of Draconic. As the party lay resting, they thought about recuperating as the beast they needed still lurked out there in the jungles...

Missions/Quests Completed

The party is still on the lookout for the creature that can provide them with air sacs for the lake dive.

Character(s) interacted with

The Party met Coro'vus!

Dragon's Delve
Report Date
07 Feb 2020
Primary Location
The Dragon's Delve

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