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Isles of Gold

A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Modern game In the world of Vilosher
| Looking for Players

This story is told by

Supporting Cast

The Protagonists

Roan Tuul

Colonel Dolohov Thermopylae

Level 10 Human Fighter
(Commander of Sorazos)
/ 84 HP

Stubby Link

Level 7 Changeling Wizard
/ 49 HP


Level 17 human LN R11/W6
(Far Traveller)
/ 148 HP

Captain Muss Tash

Level 5 Human Lawful Neutral Swashbuckler/Battlemaster
/ 45 HP

Cornelies Leggatt

Level 18 Human Artificer
119 / 126 HP

Smith Envoy Smith ET - 8782

Just Here For the Lore Bruh


Level 7 Human Lawful Evil Storm Sorcerer
/ HP

Connor Blackstone

Level 10 earth genesi true neutral Paladin
/ 112 HP