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Episode Twenty - Death in War Report

General Summary

August 14, 1918 10:30pm, while tracking the Graf Schmidt "the Dead Zeppelin" for the Bureau of Oddities, the party bunked at an airbase. Spotted, the party took to the skies and found the zeppelin at midnight. The team decide to fly above and jump on top of the balloon. Soldier went first and landed square, Alvin's plane crashed into the zeppelin and he hung on to the side before Soldier pulled him up, Charles and Pierre landed square, but Sarge fell and injured his back. Cowboy was seen plummeting over the side buy he'd managed to grab onto a rope hanging below. A crewman came out of the boney balloon and Alvin shot at the shambling corpse immediately but it was soldier who landed a shot with his shotgun and ultimately killed the undead crewman. The team drug Sarge to safety, Soldier's guiding hand and his help whom he called "Shakespeare," Charles. Hordes of undead crew then emerged and Sarge was shot in the back but stabilized by Soldier. The team fought heroically but retreated only to find the Captain and one pilot below in the bridge. Alvin dropped a frag in the bridge and the Captain was blown out of the window with his crewman but the Captain held on. Charles dropped in himself and drew his dagger and said in German, "ashes to ashes, scatter to the wind" and cut off the Skeleton Captain Schmidt's hands.

Rewards Granted

1 Advance

Die's World - Age of Heroes
Report Date
01 Dec 2019
Primary Location

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