Awakening the East

A Homebrew / In Development game In the world of Miranse
August 2018 | Full
Coaseth is its larger and more historically significant neighbour. . . Baym is smaller but more involved on a global level. . . Tighan looks inward -- if it looks at all -- happy to be on its own path.   Less developed than either of the other two continents, Tighan is still a place of unexplored vistas and wild stretches, that give even confident travelers pause. Huge swathes of land lie between more settled regions. These are not lands for the timid. Ancestral home of the Vastness, it is only natural that the continent is demanding of a person's strength and determination.   Here are strongly defined nations that flower with life and substance. Their isolationist nature means that they have grudgingly come to learn of the other nations on Tighan, at the expense of knowing much else. A lack of concern as to global affairs has, to this point, meant that the nations here have been left out of the strife that Coaseth and Baym have had to endure. Armies exist but would be seen to be smaller and judged less effective than their inter-continental counterparts.   What the continent has instead, is a series of organisations that are highly adept at travel and information gathering. These groups have evolved over the past two and half centuries. Whether the Vynscouts of Rogazny, the Outerangers of Tahnaleer, Stewards of Shayhan, the Noiters of Daulan, the Kedge Catalysts, the Armistice of the Sparingtons Territory or the Charioteers of Loyland, most nations can point to at least one well-known body of people, dedicated to the defence of their region.   The North has been stirred into action some time ago, through the activity of Kedge and Shayhan, their long-standing rivalry and the rise of the burgeoning region of the Sparingtons Territory. The South, has grown weary of wearing the Baym raiders' swordstrokes. They have begun to lash out at the Se'ractors of Baym and the fight has truly been entered. In the East, Ulmavyn and Loyland have seen tensions rise along the border. It might be that a new agency could be at large, in the wild coastal areas.

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  • Eastern Tighan Borders (circa 2138)
    The political boundaries as recognised by the Heraldic College at the date of the Founding of Excel, the Sundered City. This is the first alteration to the divisions of Tighan since the founding of the Nation of Daulan.
  • Miranse
  • Eastern Tighan Terrain
    The lands of the eastern portion of the Tighan are a mixture of grasslands and roughlands. To the west of Lake Ranble, the isolated Ghane Peaks rise, forming a central axis for the continent. The tallest mountaintops are always snow covered. In the shaded vales of these peaks, the snows manage to cover the forest trees most of the year. Occasionally, the grasslands reveal their potential and can be farmed by the inhabitants.
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Scheduled Sessions

Mon 24th December 2018 11:00

A.t.E. Session 14: Conclave, the Grave & the Old Wave

Ren sets his course. The gathering conflict lends an urgency to plans that might better unfold at a slower pace. Ren’s steps now will determine what is managed before things are begun in earnest... and what things may never come to pass.

Sessions Archive

22nd Dec 2018

Session 13: 'Alone, Again... Unnaturally'.

Horizons come in many forms; the distant usual... The unexpected appearance just over... The final... The one that's only in one's mind or heart.     The party travels quickly in the star span, 'Delinquent'. They hope the city of Alone will answer their needs. What awaits may not be what they expect. They aren't so naive as to think that nothing has changed in over two years.

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16th Dec 2018

Session 12: Treachery Begins at Home

Revelations of the cleftyck veers' part in cadavivvan origins mean that new responses and objectives could be expected from the adventurers. Who can be trusted to act appropriately? Are there those who have always known and have abetted what happens now? Incrimination will be a common thing among the veer. . .

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2nd Dec 2018

Session 11: Cleftyck-tick-tock

Surviving the cadavivvan nazsvarm is no mean thing. As the party heads to the relative security of the riverbank, they take stock and a few deep breaths. That may be all they are afforded as the drinarch cadavivva will have dispatched messages to their kind. It’s likely that Amorr will hear of these unique defenders of Yseth, as it is the girl’s association with the Nest, that has her embroiled with vastiires, trave and cadavivva alike! Amorr may need to intercede as the value of the girl seems to be known to mortals now.

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2nd Dec 2018

Session 6: Success is Barred

A week being ten days on Miranse means most of the rest of the first week has passed uneventfully for Kade and Renaissance. They get to a more familiar ground with some of the 'sundered city's' citizens and places. Kade decides to leave with a haulage train, taking Surtice Ly and Bataqua with him.   It is a time near the end of daylight on the ninth evening of Ren's time on Tighan when a sailor, acting as go-between, arrives at the lodgings to suggest that the Commodore of the navy of Loyland wishes to see him aboard his flagship, 'Magnificate'. . .

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25th Nov 2018

Session 10: 'A Well Healed Man'

Wherever the barely audible voice of Fate whispers at Surtice and Kade to go, they depart for. On the way, they are liable to meet those who have made themselves distinctly unavoidable. Such is the nature of these humans, acting within the sgency of Brown. The Colour has become tremendously active on Miranse, especially so on Tighan. Ilquinas, the 'Plaguesun', ushers his familiar along with him. This is no ordinary companion to a caster. Ilquinas brings a certain doom to any who must feel it. Why he does this, is not clear. Perhaps the two companions can uncover the basis for his title?

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21st Oct 2018

Session 9: A Manse-Home Is His Castle

The transport train makes its way north from Polsing's Ford. The next stopover is at the castle-crossing of the Crazed River.     Preternatually cold air follows at their heels. Is this something to be concerned about? Does it warrant falling back to see what might be the cause? The alternative is to pick up the pace in the hope of outdistancing the wagons from the source of the chill breeze, that bites continually at any exposed skin. The wagon-master, Erres, is confident that all will be well once they find themselves fed, slaked, rested and warmed before the the blazing fire at the castle waystop inn. . . Only two days until they arrive. . .

14th Oct 2018

Session 8: Freelancing and Necromancing

After the Spectral significance of the meeting with the Geli’Qys, Bataqua, Kade and Surtice might well rather have a quiet evening to reflect on how the meeting evolved. They aren’t allowed this small thing. Instead as they settle down to a meal in Kade’s case and a ‘pipe’ in Surtice's, they are reminded of their innocence in matters of most things Ulmavyn. A pair of men approach with an offer of employment on a transport train to the city of Saddervale via Rogazny. It is made abundantly clear that this offer should be accepted as refusal means they may be ‘asked’ to perform as ‘villains’ in the next Ulmavyn Arcade. . .

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1st Oct 2018

Session 7: 'Thale and Hearty'

It is the advent of a new phase of Tighan's development. As Renaissance remains in Excel, planning its further evolution as new nation-state, Kade moves to tie up some loose ends and find out the present situation in the northern territory he has experience in. To begin, he moves the crew of the 'Delinquent' to the city of Milven, where he will attempt to meet his old friend, Pethro the deathcaster.

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23rd Sep 2018

Session 5.5: 'Intermittent Haziness'

Within the needs of a time between time, comes a traveler, a personal demon -- Jerran Ghostly returns! His vendetta against Kade, for the moment, put aside for greater purpose. He will detail a possible future not even hinted at in the heroes' present.     Evidently, for a man from the end of time, knowing things of the past is as simple as opening a book to the right page. . .

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16th Sep 2018

Session 5: Excel Is Found

Determination leads the two adventurers to return to Relisck’s village. Both are of similar mind that he must be made to understand his mistaken and wilfull manner cannot be allowed to continue. Some hours to the west of their location, Excel welcomes its first set of Mirantian travelers. A ship arrives from Souton, Freeport of the lake. These people are used to taking liberties with any they choose. .

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9th Sep 2018

Session 4: Here There Be Monsters

Tattersall is a revelation in furs. His words are arrows that each score the bull's full value. With some things revealed, will the two adventurers be able to walk the taut rope that separates them from a desirable conclusion to this quandary?

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2nd Sep 2018

Session 3: A Command of One

Until travelers arrive and demand attention, there is a possibility for some investigation into the wilderness near the city. To the east, trees become copses, copses become wood, wood becomes forest. Excel must have its industries, if it is to succeed in the world. Is there anything within the trees that needs to be discovered?

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26th Aug 2018

Session 2: 'Where the Wild Things Go'

The city is safe enough, from the nations around it, due to time elapsed being so short. Still, there are other things to consider beyond organised, cultural centres. Even individuals can be a thing to concern a city -- if the individual is powerful enough. . .

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19th Aug 2018

Session 1: To Excel...

A wild lakefront, far from any camp, is transformed in a dawning instant. A town appears out of a desert mirage, whole and entire. What will this mean for those within and outside of its walls? What will this mean for the world?

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