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The Dragontide Lexicon

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Years & Dating System

Current year: Year of the Ruddy Undertow 472 RU

  • The year when the Dragonspine War erupted across the Dragontide region. The "Ruddy Undertow" refers to the bloodshed that stained the Undertow Sea crimson during this brutal conflict.


The 12 months of the Shorling calendar:

  1. Glacespire (January)
  2. Seafoamfurl (February)
  3. Wavespinner (March)
  4. Thawtidelap (April)
  5. Spraysaltrip (May)
  6. Keelwaker (June)
  7. Swellberthed (July)
  8. Harstbrine (August)
  9. Ripharvest (September)
  10. Neapreaper (October)
  11. Galestormer (November)
  12. Cradlebirth (December)

Weeks & Days

7-day week cycle

  1. Ryna (Monday)
  2. Wavyn (Tuesday)
  3. Spyxe (Wednesday)
  4. Bryxe (Thursday)
  5. Ryxe (Friday)
  6. Kaalm (Saturday)
  7. Lune (Sunday)


Two 12-hour periods: Daytide & Nighttide

  • On calm days, the Drakken Bells ring out in a steady, melodic succession from the bell tower at the heart of Crystal Shores.
  • If there are any threats, the bell ringers will sound a discordant, arrhythmic clangor as a warning.

Divided into 4 Drakken Bells each:


  • Dawnbell - Marks the start of morning
  • Noonbell - Highest point of the day


  • Eveningbell - When night begins to fall
  • Midnightbell - The deepest part of night


Thornveil Pieces (silver coins)

  • 1 Dragonshard = 10 Pieces
  • 1 Tidecrest = 100 Pieces

Place Names

  • Crystal Shores (Fishing Village. Residents called "Shorlings")
  • Dragonspine Reaches (Volcanic Islands. The Dragonspine Reaches are a foreboding, treacherous expanse of jagged volcanic islands that form a natural borderland between the calmer waters around Crystal Shores and the churning chaos of the Undertow Sea to the east.)
  • Eldengrove (The Good Forest. Nestled on the opposite edge of Crystal Shores, stands as a stark contrast to the foreboding Thornveil Wilds. This ancient woodland is a sanctuary of tranquility and healing, where the trees themselves seem to hum with a gentle, nurturing magic. The Grove is said to be protected by benevolent spirits, making it a haven for weary travelers and those in need of refuge. Its paths are lit by the soft glow of bioluminescent flora, and the air is always fresh with the scent of blooming flowers, regardless of the season. Eldengrove is not only a place of safety but also a wellspring of ancient wisdom, where the whispering leaves carry the stories and knowledge of ages past.)
  • Thornveil Wilds (Forbidden Forest. The dragon Aurathorn lives there occasionally.)
  • Undertow Sea (Turbulent water north of Lake Dragontide and the Dragonspine Reaches.)


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