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Note from Connie

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My Journal

(Wednesday, June 5, 2024)

Oops! I just realized I forgot that Ellie still has the key she got from the bird's nest. I don't know if it'll come in handy in this book 1, but I need to have it mentioned. I'll have to find the part where she is taking stock in what she has and mention the key in her pocket.

*I added a mention of the key in Chapter 31.

~ Connie

(Thursday, May 16, 2024)

I've added images to all the chapters. Midjourney.com is my friend 

(Thursday, April 11, 2024)

I introduced the visiting archeologist, Dr. Miles Kendrick, in Chapter 10. I made him a bumbling mess because I wanted to set him apart from the others.

~ Connie

(Monday, April 8, 2024)

I was going to delay posting my chapters here as I write them, but when I saw all the people reading them, well, I'll keep posting! 

The problem was that I sent Tyler off to war and I wasn't expecting that, but I do like the idea. It adds another element to the story that I'll need to work into the storyline. I'll give Tyler chapters of his own while he's at sea or in battle.

Thank you for reading!

~ Connie

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