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Powder and Feathers

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It seems to Aimé Deverell that there is very little point to life, except for what pleasures can be enjoyed before the grave. Life is short - thank God - but at least there's enough in the world to dull the senses in the meantime.
  That philosophy shatters like glass when he meets Jean-Pierre, an angel.
  Warnings for this story: dark themes; unhealthy romantic/sexual dynamics, including manipulation, gaslighting, and possessive behaviour; violence and mild gore; references to past child abuse; alcoholism and addiction issues; depression and mental health issues; trauma; self-harm and self-destructive tendencies, with a reference to past suicide attempts.

Table of Contents

  Chapter One: An Angel Falls

  Chapter Two: A New Nest

  Chapter Three: Twisted Feathers

  Chapter Four: Sunday Mass

  Chapter Five: The Artist in the Park

  Chapter Six: Family Dinners

  Chapter Seven: Talk Between Angels

  Chapter Eight: When In Rome

  Chapter Nine: Intimate Introductions

  Chapter Ten: A Heavy Splash

  Chapter Eleven: A Sanctified Tongue

  Chapter Twelve: Conditioned Response

  Chapter Thirteen: No Smoking

  Chapter Fourteen: Nicotine Cravings

  Chapter Fifteen: Discussing Murder

  Chapter Sixteen: Old Wine

  Chapter Seventeen: Fraternity

  Chapter Eighteen: To Spar

  Chapter Nineteen: Violent Dreams

  Chapter Twenty: Bloody

  Chapter Twenty-One: Bright Lights

  Chapter Twenty-Two: Carving Pumpkins

  Chapter Twenty-Three: Powder

  Chapter Twenty-Four: Being Held

  Chapter Twenty-Five: The Gallery

  Chapter Twenty-Six: Good For Him

  Chapter Twenty-Seven: Mémé

  Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Eye of the Storm

  Chapter Twenty-Nine: Homecoming

  Chapter Thirty: Resumed Service

  Chapter Thirty-One: New Belonging

  Chapter Thirty-Two: Christmas Presents

  Chapter Thirty-Three: Familial Conflict

  Chapter Thirty-Four: Pixie Lights

  Chapter Thirty-Five: A New Family

  Chapter Thirty-Six: The Coming New Year

  Chapter Thirty-Seven: DMC

  Chapter Thirty-Eight: To Be Frank

  Chapter Thirty-Nine: Tetanus Shot

  Chapter Forty: Introspection

  Chapter Forty-One: Angel Politics

  Chapter Forty-Two: Hot Steam

  Chapter Forty-Three: Powder and Feathers

  Chapter Forty-Four: Ambassadorship

  Chapter Forty-Five: Aftermath

  Chapter Forty-Six: Christmas

  Chapter Forty-Seven: The Nature of Liberty

  Chapter Forty-Eight: Love and Captivity

  Chapter Forty-Nine: Party Favour

  Chapter Fifty: Old Fears

  Chapter Fifty-One: Hard

  Chapter Fifty-Two: Flight

  Chapter Fifty-Three: Cold Comfort

  Chapter Fifty-Four: Old Women

  Cast of Characters