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My name is Johannes (Yo-Han-Ehz) T. Evans and I'm a full-time fantasy author from the South of Wales living on the West Coast of Ireland.
My pronouns are he/him/his, and I'm a gay trans man - many of my characters are also queer trans men of one description or another, but my mission statement is pretty much to play with as many different kinds of characters and stories as I can think of.
I primarily write fantasy, and I also write romance, erotica, horror, and slice-of-life.
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  Check out my Directory of Work for all my fiction.        I publish serial fiction, later to be adapted into novels, which are free to read for everyone here on WorldAnvil; I publish short stories and essays regularly to Patreon, which is for subscribers only, and to Medium, which allows a few free articles per month before things are paywalled; I publish TweetFic directly on Twitter which is free to read for everybody.         
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