Grandmaster mjobechtel
Michael Bechtel

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In the world of Zion

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Ongoing 342 Words

Chapter 1

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The players were called into the city of Noroi to figure out a number of strange disappearances. They first met at Itorosu’s palace to touch base and get a couple of leads. The shogun told them about the disappearances and how if they solved the cases before the festival starts then they would have the opportunity to become Daimyo of their own city. Itorosu was concerned about the situation but seemed to be hiding something from the players. After casting detect thoughts, Demitri realized that Itorosu was missing almost all of his men and there were likely way more disappearances than initially thought.

With this information, the party set out in two separate groups. The group of Ghost and Demitri went to the Daimyo Shai Lou’s estate to ask if he had any leads. They threatened the Daimyo and got very little information out of the incompetent man. The only lead they received was Mei Sharona. At the top of town in the slums, Celosia and Akabono went up to Shaiyo’s castle and found a magical seal on the door. They also talked to a drugged-up hobo and were told about Ozzy the rat king of the slums and a drug dealer named Gon Ku.

Afterward, everyone met up in the market and went to a variety of shops. Ghost did some stealing, and everyone did a little bit of threatening. They intimidated Gon Ku into allowing the party to follow him to a drug deal with Ozzy. As it hit 10:00 PM Ozzy showed up and a battle ensued. Ozzy’s minions killed Gon Ku for betraying them. After a difficult battle, the party ended up decimating the rest of the druggies and captured the Ex-Shogun. Demetri went on his way to the red light district to pay a visit to one of his men, and the rest of the party started to make their way back to the palace. On their way back to the palace the helmet upon Ghost’s head started to tighten and drool revealing itself as a mimic.

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