Grandmaster mjobechtel
Michael Bechtel

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In the world of Zion

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Chapter 3

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The party started the session with combat against a group of box and barrel mimics. After absolutely disintegrating them the party moves into the next room and Akabono is adhesived by a Tiger mimic. The party then engaged in a battle against the strange animal mimics. After they defeated them they decided to go back to the surface for a short rest where they are jumped by a giant statue.

After the battle, they rest for a minute before deciding to return to the hideout. When they go back down Celosia uses detect magic to find out where the mimics are and they avoid several more encounters. They enter a bedroom with a chest and Celosia finds Luck; a katana that speaks and gives the wielder innate luck. Afterward, they headed into a room full of torn-up books and broken potions and they see a scared man radiating dark energy. 

The man revealed himself as Shaiyo the previous emperor of Darkness. Shaiyo tells the party that although the disappearances are a result of his power they were not directly caused by him. He explains that a chosen of the god Kontoru is controlling him to bring out his powers for their own gain. Shaiyo believes that the Chosen will attempt a massive terrorist attack upon Noroi during the festival.

The party then sets out to find out who is taking control of the dark emperor. They visit Shai Lou and threaten him once more but deem him too stupid to pull off a plan as devious as this. They then talk to some guards outside and tell them to flee the city and help evacuate as many people as possible. Once the party returned to the palace Celosia dumped Gon Ku out of her bag and used resurrection returning him to a stronger Loxodonta form. Gon Ku pledged loyalty to the samurai who brought him back from death and set out to help evacuate the city. Afterward, the party went to their quarters and started a long rest to prepare for the coming day.

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