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Alvin Luck

Human Myth
Ongoing 733 Words

Chapter 8

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A few days go by and Papi gets into a routine and learns to stay near them when they camp. Kenta has started to warm up to Papi though Nasha still stays distance. John sees an old tree with black birds on it in the distance as they walk along a trail. Then John realizes they’re not birds, they are Harpies. John says to the others “I think those are Harpies over there. Let’s see if they can help us with Papi.”

Nasha says “I still think you are a fool to think that you can walk up to them.”

John says “Well we have to try something.”

Kenta follows John with Papi on her back as they approach the tree. John calls out to the Harpies “Hello”.

Immediately one calls out “Stranger” and they all take to the sky. John thinks they are about to fly away when one dives at them. John ducks, but it doesn’t attack him. The Harpy attacks at Kenta. Then another dive and tries to get at Kenta.

Kenta yells “Fools! To think you can attack me” as she reaches for her weapon when another one comes at her. The Harpy is quick to avoid Kenta’s attack.

John realizes what their true target is. John grabs Papi off Kenta’s back to shield her, but that causes the Harpies to attack him. He then yells at Kenta “Kenta, put your weapon away and take Papi away from here!” Kenta grabs Papi in her arms and runs away. The Harpies give chase.

Nasha comes up and draws an arrow saying “Pest”.

John stops her from firing the arrow saying to her “Hold it! They are only defending their nest.” John looks at the Harpies as few break off their attack as Kenta gets further away.

John and Nasha head towards where Kenta ran. They even walk under a few Harpies flying back to their tree. Nasha says “I told you so.” John just ignores her.

Papi runs to John when she and Kenta see them. John lifts Papi up in a hug and does a quick check on her, she has only a few scratches on her. He then holds her close saying “I’m sorry. I was a fool.”

John’s mind is on Papi that night at camp, he is at a loss of what to with her. He doesn’t know how to care for her long term and knows she won’t survive long on her own.

Papi gets close to Nasha trying to climb on her tail. Nasha pushes Papi away saying “Get away you Pest.”

John says to Nasha “Why are you so mean to her? She is just a child.”

Nasha says “I have my reasons. I’m going to check my traps.” She gets up and slithers away.

John gets up and follows saying to Kenta “Keep an eye on Papi for me please.”

Kenta says “What are you going to do?”

John says “Find out her reasons” as he motions in Nasha’s direction.

John finds Nasha a little ways away from camp. John says to her “You know full well you haven’t caught anything yet.”

Nasha says “You never know.”

John says “Well I would like to know your reasons for not liking Papi? She is going to be a part of this group until…until I don’t know when. So please tell me why you don’t like her?”

Nasha huffs then says “When I was younger and learning to hunt, a Harpy Eagle attacked my teacher. My teacher tried to fight her off. I tried to help, but my aim wasn’t true and she was killed before my eyes.”

John walks up to her saying softly “I don’t think Papi is going to get very big. And if she does, she will know you as a friend. So please don’t let your past hurt your chance of bonding with another.”

Kenta says “I agree.” John and Nasha both look up to see Kenta holding Papi in her arms. Kenta says “She started to follow you John and I too was also wondering about Nasha’s reasons.” Kenta sets Papi down. Papi walk over towards John and Nasha and stands in front of Nasha. John picks Papi up and holds her for a second. He then hands Papi over to Nasha and steps way. Nasha stands there for a second then pulls Papi in for a hug.

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