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Praise for Wanted Hero

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“Jaime Buckley does it again! I write reviews for everything of his I read so when he and his amazing books become international bestsellers, I can show all my friends and say I told you so. How do you write a book review for such an amazing book?!

As an avid reader, most books have become just amusing, a clever twist here or there and perhaps a character with a charming quirk. Your book transported me back to my youth when I first discovered the genre and would stay up late into the night under a blanket with a flashlight, vividly going on the journey as one of the heroes.

There is magic in the world again, thank you!" 

—Nathan Dilts, USA


“Chuck manages hilarious insanity while being resourcefully aware of how to get out of situations either dangerous or downright scary! Dax is sorta... well- kinda... maybe a little... yeah. I’ll get back to you on that!

As for the hero Wendell-- MY LIFE STORY!!! ‘Cept I’m a gal -and minus all the “worlds depend on what you accomplish” sort of pep talk he gets. Okay, okay... maybe that would be exaggerating; But I can relate to the self-reflective stuff and that’s what keeps things real for me.”

—Olivia Ray, USA


“Jaime is an amazingly talented storyteller, artist, and illustrator. The first time I saw his work I was blown away -- and he’s only gotten better since.”

—International  & NYTimes Best Selling Author, Barry Eisler


“I must admit that this fun tale had me giggling throughout. Jaime Buckley makes good use of Wendell’s hilariously unaware and over-the-top personality. He says and thinks the most absurd things at opportune moments, making it difficult not to like him. The use of punctuation and general formatting also help to further emphasize the humour.?”

— Read Me, Bookmark Me Love Me, AU.


“I feel like I was with Wendell on this whole journey. I was confused when he was, and I was torn about what decision he should make. That is good writing. I can’t wait to see where the rest of the series goes!”

—Book Briefs, USA

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