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In the world of Venari

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"Banished" (taster!)

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Welcome to the monstrous world of Venari. Try not to get eaten.
  Elkbury is an idyllic village, hidden away in a rural area of pseudo-medieval Venari. It's a place free of death and disease due to a mysterious ceremony called the Banishment. It's a secret system that has worked well for decades. But, secrets rarely stay secret forever. When Hedwin's grandmother is about to undertake her own Banishment, he and his best friend Laura Beth decide to find out what their beloved Anastasia is about to experience.
  Just like disease, murder has no place in Elkbury, but it has wormed its way in. Wren Goodwort takes it upon herself to find the mysterious killer and clear her name in the process.
  Soon Wren, Hedwin, Laura Beth, and the rest of the villagers are thrown together to fight for their lives as deadly, monstrous, and hungry secrets are uncovered and Elkbury's delicate balance is destroyed.
  "Banished" will introduce you to your new favourite monsters; some human, some not.
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