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Assassination of a Kovaln Kin

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Assassination of a Kovaln Kin

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The red cloth shielded the patrons of the cafe from the bright orange sun blazing over the dry land with reassuring heat. A wall of dark clouds had taken over the horizon a few moments ago. It was almost possible to get a whiff of the coming rain. It would not be long before the terrace would be covered in pouring rain. Thunder could be heard in the distance.

The cold amberon dew sparkled in the assassin's hand, their other hand concealed within a loose cloth. There was a trace of blood on their right hand. It was just the tiniest amount all but invisible to ordinary people. But Meadus was not one of them. No, he was one to whom Aidar had been kind, - and to whom the church had granted many blessings.

This way of operation was unusual for the Umbetum. Murdering one of the Kovaln Kins in full daylight was too risky by all standards. Unfortunately there had been no time before the Long Night would have offered them the opportunity to slip away. So this time they had employed one of the Jesters. No, this was not the whish of the church, but the sole choice of Maedus.

With a prayer Maedus set his mind to wander. He tasted the blood with his mind - a sensation of suffocation, of water in his lungs. It was an ocean of blood flooding in and around him. It had probably been no more than five minutes since the Jesters Kiss. A soft voice broke his concentration.

"So impatient. No need to be so rude. Just wait for the ruckus and he'll be no more." - the Jester whispered softly, passing him by.

Maedus could feel a tongue softly caressing his left ear, all the while the assassin kept walking away. They must have been two meters away before it ended. A slight tingle was left behind on his ear lobe. As Maedus turned to look, the Jester was nowhere to be seen.

A commotion could be heard from the nearby square. It took Maedus a minute to its edge. Some restorers had already made it to the center of the square. Again he peered with his mind to have a better look. There was a man lying in a pool of blood. It apparently had gushed out of his mouth - some still kept coming, though only as a small stream. The Kin was dead, and very likely for good. 

Relieved, Maeadus caressed his neck. It was slightly wet - with blood.

In an instant the whole area erupted in red. More than a hundred people had started vomiting blood. Collapsing near instantly after. And so just as the chaos, so did the rain arrive. And with the rain, the thunder stormed over the ruckus. A strong wave of vertigo hit Meadus, forcing him to his knees. He could feel his consciousness fade. A faint laughter echoed from the distance.

Meadus focused, trying to stand up. This was no use. Bera had already taken him to her eternal caress.


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