Visten From darkness, came Luma. From Luma, came hope. From hope, came terror.

Cycle 1417

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Editorial Team

Visten is a hostile place, trapped in a cycle of devastating floods and storms. For its people this is just one of the many ways to get killed. Some other good alternatives include: getting ripped to pieces by a murderous death-butler; contracting a fungal disease that eats away at your nervous system, eventually making you want to kill all of your friends in a mad rage; going mad after excessive exposure to Luma and getting cleansed by some church official; accidentally flying too high or over the area and getting shot down by some ancient anti-air weapon; getting abducted as a kid and being offered up as a sacrifice to some ancient husks who might and might not even exist; ending up fighting in one of the many wars raging all over the world and getting some high velocity lead in a place it should not be; or maybe just the good old classic of getting on with the wrong persons wife.   Still many consider Visten to be at least a decent place to live with some pretty views and nice scenery. There are great shores the stretch for ever, forests with the most wonderful fragrancies, great mountains that seem to reach the very skies with their peaks. And once most not forget the ancient landmarks much architecture that could make a grown man cry from the beauty.   But maybe the most wonderful thing in the world is the eerie calmness that comes after the cycles great storms. Then the world almost seems to stop for a moment; the waters that have flooded the water just stand still with their surface becoming a near perfect mirror .   Welcome to Visten. A world where people try to make the best of what they have. An amalgam where things mix up in the most peculiar of ways.