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Tay’s lifeless body drifted to the bottom of the Longsal, down through the air vents and into the dark of the garages. The storm couldn’t reach that deep, the concrete walls creating a haven. Plastic cups and the detritus of life littered the pathways and spilt from the units, toys, plastic objects, nameless garbage that served as anchors for their now dead owners.

Tay turned in the gentle current, twisting as she fell until she came to rest on her back, eyes open and staring up through the column of water to where the lightning raged, and the waves erased the surface.

Ghosts moved in the shadows, laughing and shouting. Barefoot children running, skipping around Tay, crouching to touch her hair and whisper secrets into her ears. Gren complaining about her brother, begging to go back to school, Jens rattling on about technical data, doing his best to interest Tay.

They faded and she was left alone, just another body settling into the mud, never to be thought of again.

A long glass body wriggled out from under Tay’s arm. A green glow emanating from its length as it danced in the dark water. More crawled from the mud, swarming over Tay teasing out her hair until it drifted as a mass hiding her eyes.

Tay’s body broke away, turning to silt and washing away with the water. A cloud of particles dissipating along with the memories that had held them together.

The towers crumbled, rubble filling the spaces of the garages, obliterating the past and entombing Tay under a mound of concrete. It was as if the Longsal and all those that had called it home had never loved, never lived, never existed.

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