Grandmaster Noons
Chris Noonan

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Peripheral Loss

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Tay was always adrift, cast out from the cult for denying the existence of the snakes, the serpents that control our reality, abandoned by her mother, blamed for the death of her father, betrayed by her sister, hunted by those seeking to use her, the only constant a powerful narcotic used in the cult’s ceremonies, a mind-altering drug that promises to set her free.
  The closest to a home she’s ever known is with Jens and Gren, the brother and sister duo attempting to bring down the government one protest at a time that is until Wyn walks into her life. A detective struggling to stand up under the weight of her own grief, driven by a need to prove herself, not to the world but to the one person that matters, even if it means she’s the only one left standing.
  A wall surrounds the city, confining millions of people to the same concrete blocks, forcing them to live their lives cheek to jowl, unable to hide from enemies or their shared pasts, but one of them is destined to escape.
  The question is who will they take with them?