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Human Myth
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Chapter 34

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John meets up with Kenta and Papi outside the outpost while waiting for Gie and Tilly to join them with a flag. John fills Kenta in on what they are going to do. Nasha says to John “I don’t like what you are doing to the Minotaurs. You’re putting them right where they will be attacked by the Orcs.”

Draleen says “Actually I think it’s a brilliant idea.” Nasha shoots Draleen a look. Draleen adds “Take it from someone who has fought both Orcs and Minotaurs. I’d rather fight Orcs than the Minotaurs. I have seen them throw my kin with one swing of their weapons and my kin only survive because a Lord’s blood flows through them.”

Kenta says “I agreed. My kind has stories of the fights between them and the Minotaurs, but we have no grand stories of fighting Orcs. The Minotaurs were probably very strong fighters, enough to leave my people with an impression on them.”


Soon Gie, Tilly, and a few more people walk up with Tilly holding a large flag on a pole. John says to them “Shaw we?” and they all set out.


Kenta helps Tilly plant the flag. John says “wait here, while I get the Minotaurs.”


John walks over to the forest to find Brigg and the other Minotaurs. John says to Brigg as he points to the flag “Do you see that flag?”

Brigg looks out and says “Yes.”

John says “The people in the settlement said that you can live on land on the opposite side of the settlement in relation to that flag. I hope that is agreeable.”

Brigg says “Yes!” He looks to the other Minotaurs. They all turn to face the forest and then let out a loud long low yell. Soon more Minotaurs appear out of the forest. Many are holding supplies. John and Brigg lead the Minotaurs to the site.

John calls Gie and Tilly over once he and Brigg get closer. John says to them “If you haven’t guessed, there is magic that allows me to speak with everyone here. So I would like to introduce everyone.” John motions to Brigg saying “This is my friend Brigg.” John then says to Brigg while motioning to Gie and Tilly “These are Gie and Tilly. Gie is the leader of the outpost and Tilly is the one who has had a claim to this land. But is willing to share it with you and let you live on it.”

Brigg says “We thank you for letting us back on our land.”

Tilly is about to say something but Gie steps in saying “Well I do hope that you will help us if we are attacked.”

Brigg says “We will protect our land.” John can see Gie is not sure what that means.

John says to Brigg “Brigg they want to know that if you see someone being attacked on their way to the settlement, that you will help them. But only if they didn’t start the fight.”

Brigg says “Yes, any attack on our land is an attack on us.” Gie looks at John with a smile.

Gie says to Brigg “Well I hope you never have to, but it’s nice to know.”

John says “Might also want to send someone to help the Minotaurs learn I think Traders tongue.”

Gie says “Yes I know just the person. If it’s alright with you Brigg.”

Brigg says “We need to speak more.”

John says “I think that’s a yes.”

Gie tells one of his men to head back. Soon John sees the trader of all people coming toward them. The trader is taken aback at the Minotaurs saying “The tales didn’t do you justice.”

John says to the trader “Will you help them learn the Traders tongue?”

The Trader says “I won’t do it for free you know.”

John says to the Trader “Will you take furs and goods at payment.”

The Trader says “Hell Yes!”

John turns to Brigg and says “Set aside some furs for him and give him some when you have learned something from him.”

Brigg says “We know payment and agreed to the deal.”

John looks at the Minotaurs and sees they are setting up more permanent structures. But he then realize there are almost double the amount of Minotaurs than there were at the camp. He then looks at the forest and sees more Minotaurs coming out of it. John looks at Brigg saying “How many are there of your kind in the forest.”

Brigg says “Many, We scattered because we can’t find a place big enough for us that would be taken from us.”

John says to Gie “I hope you aren’t worried?”

Gie says “The more, the merrier?”


John and the group soon part the next day. Draleen takes off her cloak when they get some distance between them and the outpost. Draleen stretches her arms and wings saying “How can you keep that thing on all the time. I was starting to get hot under there.”

John says “I guess I’m used to it.” John looks up and sees Papi gliding in the air. John says to Draleen “By the way you can fly if you want to.”

Draleen lets out a laugh saying “I can’t fly! I’m too heavy. Though I do wish I could fly like her at least once in my life” as she watches Papi in the air.

John says “So I guess those are useless then” reaching for her wings.

Draleen pulls away from him saying “Not entirely, I can glide for very short distances and slow my fall.”

John and Draleen talk for some time, John thinks that the Dragonewts would be about at the Renaissance in a cultural level. Though Draleen seems to not want to be touched.


Kenta falls back to talk to Nasha who has been behind them for some time. Kenta says to Nasha “I sense you don’t like our new traveling companion.”

Nasha says as she watches Draleen “She thinks she is smarter than us. She seems to have caught his eyes because of that. Her scales don’t look as soft as mine. She walks with such arrogance just because she has some giant lizard blood in her.”

Kenta gives Nasha a sideward glance and says “She does seem to be a bit full of herself. But you know, I also was a bit full of myself before he started handling me.” After a moment Kenta says “And what does her scales have to do with anything.” Nasha blinks in shock for a moment.

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