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Human Myth
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Chapter 35

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The group settles for the night and are sitting around the campfire. Kenta says to John “John, you were told that there were Orcs attacking travelers”

John says “Yes, why.”

Kenta says “I think we should keep our guards up.”

Draleen says “No need to.”

Nasha says “why, because of you.”

Draleen says “No, because of him” motioning to John “His amulet to be more precise.” John looks down at the Amulet. Draleen says “The Stories say that the Amulet around The Traveler’s neck allows him and his companions to sleep peacefully anywhere as long as they didn’t seek the danger. Some even said the protection was provided by the Gods themselves.”

John says “You know I always wondered why we were never attacked at night while we sleep.”

Kenta says “I am still antsy about this. Nasha, care to spar a little” and gets up.

Nasha gets up saying “I could use some practice.” They move off to the side a bit away from the fire.

John says to Draleen “Kenta has been teaching Nasha how to be a better fighter.”

Draleen sees Nasha take out her daggers and Kenta draw her sword. Draleen says to Kenta “So you are not teaching her your style.”

Kenta says “She is not built for my style, and it is better if she has her own style.”

Nasha says “I am using a style known among my kind as ‘Fangs Strike’. It is a style that all Lamias know. At least the basics.” John has watched Nasha fight and he has noticed that Nasha holds her daggers in a reverse grip. Most of her attacks are downward strikes, like a snake’s fangs would puncture.

Draleen says while grabbing her spear “Well let’s see how good you have been taught.” She stands up and starts walking over to Nasha and Kenta.

Nasha says “You’re going to fight me?”

Draleen says “No. I’m going to fight her first” pointing to Kenta “It’s no use fighting someone who is still learning. Fighting the teacher is the only real way to judge what a student has learned.” Draleen quickly turns on her feet and attacks Kenta. Kenta blocks the attack. Draleen continues her attacks, keeping Kenta off balance. Kenta quickly learns Draleen’s attack pattern and starts countering it. John even thinks he sees Kenta smiling at one point. Draleen blocks with her spear shaft as Kenta attacks with a downward strike. Kenta's sword slams into the shaft and is deflected.

Kenta takes a quick defensive stance saying “That attack should have cut through the shaft of your spear!”

Draleen takes a defensive stance saying “It has been enchanted to be as strong as any forged metal and still be as light as wood.” They continue their fight.

Soon Draleen stops saying “I think I have seen enough. Now for you!” Draleen turns and attacks Nasha. Nasha is quick to avoid the attack. Nasha is able to keep Draleen from even getting close to touching her. Nasha then goes for an opening and strikes at Draleen. Nasha's dagger slams into Draleen’s arm.

Nasha pulls back “Sorry!”

Draleen smiles and says “The Lord’s blood that flows through me has blessed me with scales as strong as metal.” Draleen seizes her opening and brings her spear an inch from Nasha’s neck. Draleen says “I can see you have learned a lot. You just need to learn how to better adapt to new knowledge while fighting.” Draleen withdraws her spear saying to Kenta “You have taught her well” and sits back down with John.

Nasha and Kenta spar for a bit, but soon tire. Kenta walks over to Draleen saying “I must check your weapon out.” Kenta grabs Draleen’s spear off the ground. Kenta lets out and yells and drops the spear saying “What by the gods.”

Draleen says “Oh, one of the other enchantments are that it will hurt anyone who tries to grab it but me or to be precise, anyone that is not directly related to me.”

John says “and how did you pull that off?”

Draleen says “The warping is made from my mother’s tail hide and Lordborns have scales like a dragon. Full of spurs and sharp edges. I just had to make an enchantment that enhances those properties when some not related to the warping holds it.”

John wants to quickly change the subject without actually changing the subject. John says “So is that why you don’t like being touched. You’re afraid of hurting us?”

Draleen says “Only if you are careless or have callus on your hands. It is also the reason we don’t wear lots of garments. Our scales snag and tear cloth easily.”

John says “Well let’s get some rest. If you say we are protected, then we should make the most of it.” Everyone settles down to get some sleep.


John wakes in the morning to find Draleen asleep next to him with her arms around him. John is surprised for a moment but is able to free himself. He looks over at Nasha nearby and sees she is still asleep but seems to be sleeping in an unusual position. He then sees that she has scratches on her arms and tail. He then realizes that Draleen warped her arms around him during the night and Nasha tried to sleep coil around them. But Draleen’s scales scratched her and caused her to pull away from them.

John looks to Kenta saying “I think I’m going to have Draleen sleep between us and Nasha.”

Kenta says “You weren’t awaked by her yeps” motioning to Nasha


The group sets out after they eat. John and Draleen continue to talk as they walk along. John is surprised Draleen can fold her wings in such a way that they blend with her cloak.

Kenta stops and reaches for her weapon. John quickly quiets Draleen knowing Kenta is listening for something. John looks to Nasha, who is looking at the ground. Nasha draws her bow. John says to Draleen “Get ready for a fight!”

Orcs fighters burst out of the nearby forest to attack the group while Orc archers flank the group from the other side. Papi quickly takes flight to get away from the battle. The Orc archers take aim at Papi, but quickly change targets when one is taken out by Nasha’s arrows.

Kenta, John, and Draleen try to keep the Orcs from surrounding them. Draleen is able to hold her own against an Orc. She blocks her attacker’s ax by catching the ax shaft with her spear shaft. The Orc is quick to find an opening and attacks Draleen’s exposed arms. The Orc lands an attack only to find its weapon deflect from her arm. Draleen says to the Orc “You think I’m a soft-skinned weakling.” She opens her wing yelling “I AM A DRAGONEWT!!!” The Orc stumbles back with a yell, getting the attention of the other Orcs. Draleen stands tall as she brings her hand up to her mouth as if to blow a kiss. She says softly to herself “Breath of Our Lord.” She whips her hand away while leaning forward and releases a five to ten-foot flame from her open mouth.

The Orcs run at the sight of the flame, even the archers run. Draleen stops the flame by closing her mouth and wiping her hand over it. Draleen says “They always run when they encounter my kind.”

John says “Well I would too if I saw someone breathe fire.”

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