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Jeremy Unitt
Roots of the Yirim
Https:// ordered this backstory commission to create "a background story of how king1 came to be and the creation of the royal army". I interviewed the commissioner on the 27th of February. I was able to get the brief draft for an etiological myth on the 6th of March, after taking that time to go through all my inspirational content! Work slowed down a full copy of the draft till later, and I was able to finish it on the 22nd of March!
  You can find my commissioning form on! Thank you, King, for your support!
  CREDIT: The character concept belongs to King. Destiny 2 and associated themes belong to Bungie Photo assets for Manuscript Cover from Canva Background photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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Pathfinder's Pact

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"You can't scoff at what it takes to be a Dark Age survivor. You get two options: get the ultimate jackpot at a second life when a Ghost picks up your corpse off the ground somewhere, or live your life if you survive the constant Fallen raids and conditions of the Dead Zones under the tyrannical whims of the former mentioned. I'm somewhat in-between. They call me The Rat, and I have one rule that's kept me alive. Never say no to the Risen. I might not have their powers, but I also don't just stick around letting them tell me what to do. I've made it this far, obeying their orders but twisting their demands just enough to get me a couple more days on this blasted rock. Any reason? I couldn't say. I don't like thinking about it too much. As long as I'm surviving, that's all I'll do. So hopefully, this Night King doesn't become the reason that stops."

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